No Longer Pregnant!

I would like to point out the obvious right now. I AM NO LONGER PREGNANT. This fact alone has increased the quality of my life by at least 100%. I now have a beautiful baby boy named Dallin, and this fact has increased the quality of my life by at least a million percent. He is a doll. I am so in love with him. This is crazy, (and trust me, I know this next statement is crazy) but right after I have a baby, I want another one. Insane? Yes. So even though I HATE pregnancy (many of you have read about my pregnancy complaints so you know I TRULY DO NOT LOVE being pregnant) the final product is SO WORTH IT. In fact, I think I have forgotten all about my pregnancy ailments.

This delivery was pretty uneventful (especially compared to Hannah’s birth). I experienced no labor, (I highly recommend this) and I arrived at the hospital last Monday morning at 38 weeks pregnant for my scheduled c-section. At 8:36 am, I delivered Dallin who weighed in at 9 pounds 12 ounces. He was a tank, and I can only imagine how big he would have been if we waited two more weeks to deliver him on his due date!

When the doctor pulled Dallin out, I literally yelled, “Oh my gosh! I’m no longer pregnant!” Yes, I was THAT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

This is my beautiful son just moments out of my belly.

My recovery from this birth has been smooth. It has been SO MUCH EASIER to recover from this delivery than Hannah’s. It is amazing how much easier it is for your body to recover from major surgery when you haven’t gone through labor first. The hospital staff was wonderful, and having a baby in the USA was much more posh than my experience of giving birth to Hannah in the Caribbean.

I have had a very laid back week of recovering, and enjoying the company of friends and family who have come by to see our new addition. Hannah is absolutely in love with Dallin (much to our relief) and she always asks to kiss and hold him.

Here are some pictures from the week:

I am so glad to be home. I am up and around, and sometimes I actually get out of the house and take my kids on a walk. We love this little guy and Hannah so much. It’s hard to remember back to when David and I didn’t have them in our lives.

Way Funner With a Kid

The last time David and I went to a parade we took our dogs. We didn’t realize that dogs don’t really like parades until after it started. For some reason, the firing guns, loud cars and motorcycles, and all the people that come out in droves to see the parade, scared the crap out of them. We should have seen it coming, and left our dogs at home. But, before we had Hannah, our dogs were our kids, and they had no choice but to go to fun family activities with us. Because it was their job as our dog children.

Having a real-human-child-that-belonged-to-us was a TRILLION TIMES funner to have at the parade than our dogs. I now understand why parents camp out the night before the parade to secure great seats. NOT THAT I WOULD EVER DO THAT . . . but I get it now.

Parades are everything Hannah loves: airplanes overhead, candy, kids, horses, people singing, people dancing, cars, motorcycles . . . she absolutely enjoyed the parade. And get this, she talked her grandma and grandpa into attending the event, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS PRACTICALLY THE LAST THING ON THE PLANET THEY WANTED TO DO THAT DAY. Way to go Hannah! 🙂

This was Hannah’s face for over two hours . . . she also danced her little heart away when bands came by.

We all had a great time . . . even I did with my huge belly which you can’t see in the empty chair. (Well, someone has to take photos!)

It was one hot day, and I wished we were on the other side of the street where there was more shade, but we were lucky enough to get such good seats.

We have just finished our marathon week of fun activities, (the zoo, water park, hot air balloon race, grandpa P’s birthday party, the parade, visiting family and friends . . . phew!) and in 24 hours, our new baby will have joined our family. We are all excited for the arrival of this little baby. Tonight is the last night of quiet, peaceful, sleep!

Stats and pictures will be posted as soon as we can get them up tomorrow. Check back to see our new little guy, (and what we named him)!

A Kid at Heart

As I was going through some pictures from this week, I came across these photos from the zoo. These are some photos of Dennis accompanying Hannah on her favorite attraction, the carousel. The look on Dennis’ face is what stood out to me in all these photos.

I’m not sure what Hannah is thinking, but I’m pretty sure Dennis thinks this ride is the “bomb.”

Hannah seems to be having a little more fun . . .

Hannah was very good to wave at us, even if it was only a little wave . . .

Check out the smile on Dennis’ face . . . I’m not sure who is having more fun . . .

Looks like you can never be too old or too young to enjoy a good carousel ride. Thanks Dennis for taking Hannah. Riding around and around in circles is not exactly my idea of fun, especially when I’m pregnant. Thanks for sparing me from chugging up my innards. 🙂

Worth Waking Up For

Oh how I have missed celebrating our nations birth in Utah. For seven LONG YEARS now, David and I have not been in Utah to celebrate this event. Our absence (you know, our experience celebrating this event in other states and of course out of the country) has only made us realize how AWESOME the events and festivities leading up to and including the 4th of July are in Utah. There are so many family friendly activities to do.

One of my favorite events is the hot air balloon race. The race starts early, (around 6:30 am) but it is TOTALLY worth getting up for it. I had to remind David of that fact when he really wanted to sleep in when the alarm sounded (at 5:00 am). And get this . . . WE, THE SLEEP/NAP NAZI’S, EVEN WOKE UP HANNAH EARLY TO GO TO THIS. Yeah, it was that important.

In case you were wondering, this is what the inside of a hot air balloon looks like when it is being blown up.

Trust me, it looks a lot bigger in person . . .

The field was overtaken with onlookers and big balloons. Everywhere.

This is Hannah’s signature look when she is experiencing something for the first time. Even though it looks like she is bored out of her brains, she is actually having a great time. She kept calling them “A BANOONS!” and would point to the launched ones and say, “COME BACK! SIT DOWN!” Hannah has been fascinated with “banoons” since we arrived in the states almost two months ago. Considering the first time she saw a helium balloon was a few weeks ago, I’d say she’s on the fast track to “balloon knowledge” now that she has seen hot air balloons.

Hannah especially liked the pig and the strawberry designs . . .

This is one big pig . . .

I just love to see the balloons rise so quickly. They are so beautiful against the sunrise and the mountains.

If you find yourself in Utah for the 4th of July, please mark this event on your calendar. It is TOTALLY worth it. EVEN IF YOU DO HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY.

Swimming in Baby Pee

On Saturday, we drove up to David’s sister’s house (Janine) in Pleasant View (which I always refer to as “Pleasantville” because what is the difference? They sound the same to me . . .) to watch fireworks for the city’s celebration of “Founder’s Day.” Hannah got to see a few cousins, and of course spent time with “FADANNA!” (Savannah), her favorite cousin.

The fireworks were fantastic. They were launched at a field right by Janine’s house. We were able to enjoy them right overhead as we sat on the driveway. As you all may know, David and I are the nap/bedtime Nazis, so Hannah went to bed at 7:00, while the rest of of the family enjoyed playing games and eating great food. To our surprise, Hannah slept right through the fireworks. Sitting so close to the fireworks got this little guy in my belly all worked up into a knot and he was a little out of control squirming around in his womb.

Moving on to the the next fun event . . . We took Hannah to 7-Peaks Water Park on Monday. She seems to have a way with words and is very good at persuading people to do exactly as she says . . . so Grandma and Grandpa not only came to the water park, but they also got into their swimming suits. Grandpa had a great time once he was there . . . riding on crazy tube slides with David n’ stuff. The funny thing is, people over the age of 65 are free, (yes, I am divulging my in-laws ages here) so both Dennis and Gloria were free to enter the water park. They must figure that most people over 65 are merely there as spectators. I’m sure that is usually the case, but they haven’t met the “young at heart” father that belongs to David.

Hannah and Dennis (in the white shirt) in the kid pool. Check out Hannah’s grin. 🙂

Hannah and Dave, wading in kid the pool water which mostly consists of baby pee . . .

I would like to mention how these pictures came about. BECAUSE I WAS THE DESIGNATED PHOTOGRAPHER. Projects like this get handed off to the person who is least mobile, and THAT PERSON WAS ME. You see, I would like Hannah to know that I was in fact there, having fun with her . . . but I just didn’t want to document my large, swollen, very pregnant belly, IN A BATHING SUIT.

Riding the “Dancing Bear”

I thought I was a lame mom, wanting to take Hannah to Cabella’s to see the animal displays, which are literally stuffed animals. We took her anyway (who cares if that idea is lame) and to my surprise, there were like 400 other families doing the exact same thing. Like is was a zoo . . .

Speaking of the zoo . . . we took Hannah to Utah’s Hogle Zoo on Monday. Since Dennis and Gloria are both Senior Citizens, (sorry to point out the obvious) I am EXTREMELY pregnant, (also, VERY obvious) and Hannah’s attention span is about three minutes long, we only stayed at the zoo for about three hours. Really, that was our max. Except for David of course, he has nothing to complain about except an overworked brain.

I would have taken more pictures of us having fun at the Zoo, but then that would imply that we had fun the WHOLE TIME, and honestly, it was hot, and I can’t say that any of us really enjoyed walking from exhibit to exhibit in the blazing hot sun only to find the animals equally hot and hiding somewhere in their habitat. Plus, I was too tired to take pictures. I mean, all the EFFORT it takes to pull out the camera, and push a button . . . it was asking a little too much.

However, we did take some pictures of us really having a great time. Hannah’s favorite part was riding on the Carousel and our favorite part (you know, us older folk) was seeing the giraffes.

And now for Hannah’s favorite attraction:

She specifically chose to ride on this polar bear because it was “dancing.” Doesn’t it look like it’s “dancing” to you? If you ask Hannah about this animal, she will automatically say “dancing bear!” because even toddlers know that Polar Bears do in fact, DANCE.

I’m not sure who’s having more fun here . . . Hannah or her dad?

Hannah loved seeing the “aminals” and she especially liked the “elfanants” and the monkeys the best. It was certainly worth the trip out to the zoo, even if her favorite attraction was this Carousel.

The Alpha Toddler

Hannah has discovered she has cousins. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know the difference between friends, and cousins, but hey, if people are little and they want to play with her, she is all for it. Hannah LOVES her cousins Katie (who she refers to as “Kitty”), Adam (who she calls “Anam”), and Malaya (who she lovingly refers to as “Leah”).

It is officially getting hot here, (okay, nothing like SABA HOT, but 95 degrees is hot, even with no humidity) so we pulled out a plastic-blow-up-toddler-size-swimming-pool, and let her go at it with her cousins. I told Hannah the ridiculously small pool was the ocean, and that Nemo was swimming in it (because it had fish all over it). She looked at me and said, “NO?”


“Anam” and Hannah

“Kitty” and Hannah

Hannah and some of her cousins . . .

And now I would like mention the LOVE/HATE relationship Hannah has with her cousin Malaya, who is only two months older than she is. Hannah loves to see Malaya, but both of them HATE to share their toys. This is the cousin she had a “Toddler Cat Fight” with over a pair of flip flops. As a reminder, the shoes actually belonged to Malaya, but since Hannah is a firm believer in the “Toddler Rule” of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine,” she truly believed the flip flops were hers. But this is not the point today . . .

The point is, the girls played together. And had a lot of fun, BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO SHARE ANYTHING. As long as they can do the same thing at the same time, like jump on the couch, rearrange the kitchen cabinets, or play beautiful duets on the piano, they are friends.

Malaya is so stinkin’ cute, I had to take some pictures of her . . .

Malaya is the “Alpha Toddler” and is most certainly the boss around Hannah, and every other child.

She is so darling, it’s hard not to laugh when she gives Grandma and Grandpa P orders . . .

And she expects them to obey her . . . But look at that innocent face . . .

How could you say no to either one of these kids?

Hannah, Where Have I Failed You?

Dear Hannah,

Where have I failed you as a mother? Have I not taught you to LOVE dolls, and strollers, and kitchen sets? Haven’t I taught you the joy of washing dishes, and cleaning the house?

Why then, WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY, is your new passion GOLF?

Golf Hannah.


This isn’t normal for for a 23 month old girl who LOVES dolls, cleaning, pretty shoes, and kitchen sets. Maybe it’s your daddy’s fault (because trust me, I certainly didn’t introduce you to the game!). Yes, IT IS YOUR DADDY’S FAULT.

You see, we are living in Utah, with your Grandma and Grandpa for the summer for a VERY SPECIFIC reason, and that reason isn’t for you and your dad to master the game of golf. We live here so your daddy can study for the USMLE STEP ONE EXAM that he has scheduled to take in about two weeks. His “day job” is to review everything he’s ever learned in his entire life in medical school. However, he and grandpa always find time to go golfing, hit a bucket of balls, or practice chipping.

This weekend is the US Open Golf Tournament. Why do I know this useless bit of information? Because you are hooked just like your dad and grandpa watching it on TV! You rarely watch TV, and when you actually notice the TV, you say, “Golf? Watch it?”

Hannah this is weird. Not only because you are 23 months old, but because GOLF IS THE MOST B-O-R-I-N-G sport to watch. Trust me on this one. Football is MUCH more interesting, or heck, even Basketball. Why Golf?

I would like to mention that you know who “Tiger Woods” is, even though you couldn’t identify Barney, (well, thank heavens for that) Dora, or any other kid show characters. Well, you recently learned who Thomas the Train was . . . But my point is that you actually know a professional golfer’s name! Not only that, but after watching too much Golf TV, you know how to “swing” a club and you clap and scream for the ball to go into the hole.

Hannah, you know golf terms. Terms I don’t even know like: birdie, par, and eagle. I have no idea what they mean, but I’m sure you could explain them to me. Let me just say this, YOUR DAD COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. In fact, he is ready to buy you some clubs and he has taken you outside in the back yard to practice your “swing.”

Love, if this really is your new passion (next to shoes of course) then I support you 100%. But little one, you are still my baby girl, and really, DON’T YOU WANT TO GO GET A PEDICURE INSTEAD?