What Do I Do Now?

Today, I’ve been bored.

I don’t think I’ve been bored in YEARS.  I almost forgot what it feels like.

I feel like I’ve been going 100 mph and then BAM!

I hit a brick wall.

Game over.

My classes ended yesterday, and I’m sad and relieved all at the same time.  I have learned IMMENSELY this summer from both courses, but there is no way I could continue going to school full time, and be a mom, and happy wife full time simultaneously.

But . . .

I’m still sad my classes are over because I  loved them so much.  It’s a good thing I have fall semester to look forward to.

I think I’ll give my house a proper cleaning.

Maybe I’ll even get ready today.

This boredom will pass, won’t it?

In other exciting news, I have BIG, BIG, BIG news I’m sharing on my blog tomorrow.



But this little one sure is cute.

It’s Not Perfect, But It’s a Start

As most of you know, I’m attending The Academy of Art University.  It takes up most of my free time.

Free time?

What the heck is that?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a lot of free time in the last few years.

Kids have a way of filling up time.  In a good way, of course.

This summer, I’ve posted more pictures than text.

I don’t have a lot of time to write about stuff, but I certainly have pictures to post.

I have a professor that only awards “A’s” if your work is a perfect 10.  Perfect in composition, clarity, color, and if it’s technically perfect.  To achieve an “A” grade, your images need to be out of the ball park for his class.  Basically, you shouldn’t be taking his class if you get “A’s.”

I have been a little frustrated with all the “B’s” I’ve been getting.  This will probably not come as a surprise to many of you, but to me, anything less than an “A” is a failure.

I’m extreme.

I know.

But, that’s the way I’m wired.

I emailed the professor.

I told him I was pulling my hair out.

Going gray exceptionally early.

Loosing my mind.

He told me that I had to WOW him.  I needed to produce images that were a  perfect “10.”

I decided to shoot with my heart and not my mind this last week.

I shot these random images.





I like them.

You know what?

He did to.

Please, re-read that last sentence.

I scored an “A-.”

I do hope this is the beginning of a new trend.

Hello? Tap. Tap. Is This Thing On?

I started school on Monday.  Photography school that is, from the Academy of Art University located in San Francisco, California.

How?  Why,  you ask?

The explanation is really quite simple:  One night, David and I fell asleep around 7:00 PM.  (Don’t worry, the kids were nestled safely in their beds dreaming about sidewalk chalk and new ways to torture Paris.) When we woke up around 9:00 PM, we started talking.

Not just regular talk, but talk.

We talked  A LOT.  We talked about what drives us, what we love, what we want to do with our lives, our future, our hobbies, things we’d like to learn, places we’d like to visit, our passions, where we see ourselves in ten years (both collectively and respectively), and then, David had a brilliant idea.

He suggested I take real photography classes from a real University.

Wham bam, what do you know, ten minutes later (ten minutes of very, very, intense research of course) he applied me to AAU.

You read that right, HE APPLIED ME to the school.

I fell asleep while he did all the dirty work, and 12 hours later, I got a phone call from the school saying I was accepted.

Fast forward eight weeks, and here we are today.  I’m taking all the classes online which is very flexible, (and the only possible way for me to attend this University) and always available.

I have to admit, it’s been a bit of an adjustment.  I mean, they have expectations of me.  Can you believe they expect me to be accountable to someone else other than myself?  🙂

And get this, a student emailed me and asked me a techie question.


Hello?  Tap. Tap.  Is this thing on?

And this is the weird part, I knew the answer.

I must be learning David’s computer skills by osmosis because I have no explanation for this.

I’m three days into this course and there’s one thing I know for sure:

I DON’T KNOW A DANG THING ABOUT SHOOTING IN MANUAL MODE. (Which is how I am required to shoot.)

In fact, photography is WAY more technical than I ever imagined and I don’t know why the word “technical” and “fun” don’t go together in the same sentence.  “Photography is fun!” and, “technical is fun!” just don’t have the same ring to them.

I may not not know a whole heck of a lot about photography, but I do know a few things for sure:

  • When I open the back door, it feels like a sauna outside.
  • I have a GREAT mom tan.  I’d probably win a neighborhood competition if there was one.
  • Dallin’s cheeks are just as kissable today as they have always been.
  • I bought my first newspaper today (for an assignment).  That’s right, I have never spent money on a newspaper.
  • The most important part of my camera is the 12 inches behind it.  THAT’S the part I’m working on.

I hope to post some great images in the future, but if I don’t master this “manual mode” thing, then you will be reading a whole lotta text instead of looking at pictures!