Hannah Said What?!

That garbage on the road sure is sparkling!  (Noting the white reflectors that divide the lanes on the road on CA that we don’t have in UT)

Mom, I want to listen to my body and my body says I’m full.  (handing
me 1/2 of her cookie)

Can you teach me all the Chinese you know! (to the girl from Taiwan on
our shuttle bus)

I’m older now, I’m in the older ballet class.  I’m already four.
(rouring laughter from all the Chinese people on our bus.)

I’m in ballet, but i’m not on pointe yet.  My feet have to get stronger.

I want as many friends as I can get!

Mom, let me confuse to you to another song.

Mommy, how did Daddy help you make me?  (She has asked me this at least THREE times in the last week  . . . not sure what do say next!)

Hannah’s Turned FIVE!


I’m feeling 110% behind on life.  Not usually a great feeling to have, but that means I must be having too much fun to slow down, right?

I’m not sure how it happened, but that little peanut I delivered on Sint Maarten is no longer a little peanut!

Hannah turned five!  This milestone was met with a party that was entirely too much work to put together.  🙂  (I’m writing this now, so next year I won’t get any big ideas!)

We Put up two big party tents, invited 10 of her friends plus their little siblings, and their parents, and my oh my . . . hosting 30+ people can be a bit overwhelming when they range from 1-40 years old.

We had an “Aerial” themed party, complete with plenty of “princess” themed extras.  Lots of cake (complimentary of the bakery, I had to out source something this year!) food, and warm water for swimming!

The weather forecast was scattered thundershowers (lovey for a swimming party) so we put up another tent and her outdoor party quickly became an indoor tent party!  Good thing too, it rained!

Happy fifth birthday to our little Hannah Bear!  (Your passport just expired and I have no excuse to get you a new one.  BUMMER.)

Happy Birthday D-Man!

Happy birthday to our little Dallin boy!  He turned three today!

In true Dallin style, we had a low key celebration.  He values quality over quantity, so if we invited any kids to his birthday party he would definitely say, “TOO MANY KIDS!”  He is sort of a family kid.  🙂

He had the time of his life at Kangaroo Zoo this morning with Hannah.  (It’s an indoor play place with lots of bounce toys and slides for little people.)

We had a Dallin size cake for his big day!  (Hey, a bigger cake would mean more for us to eat, and well, we don’t need that!)

Hannah coached him on how to blow out his candle and he was pretty impressed with his performance!

We bought Dallin a Lightning McQueen potty topper in hopes that he would think about going to the bathroom in the toilet.  He looks super happy about it here, but it was quickly tossed aside when he opened up a package of dinosaurs.  (Notice our Walmart shopping bag that doubled as wrapping paper?  Yeah.  We were super prepared this afternoon.)

He LOVES this dinosaur set I picked for $3.

He also got a bike that he refuses to push the petals on.

Kids.  Why are they so dang cute and unpredictable?


Hot Air Balloon Race 2011

I love the 4th of July!  It has always been my MOST favorite holiday and Utah is the PLACE TO BE for the best 4th of July festivities in the nation!  We discovered this shortly after we started our gypsy lifestyles about 10 years ago.  No one celebrates like Utah does!  NO ONE!

The 4th of July celebration lasts all weekend in Utah, and we love it!

One of our favorite traditions is going to the balloon launch.  It is a hot air balloon race and it’s quite exciting to see so many hot air balloons on the ground all being blown up at once!

This year Darth Vadar made an appearance.  The kids had no idea who he was so they were not as impressed as we were.  🙂

The Coca-Cola balloon is the tallest hot air balloon in the world.  I got some pictures of it last year with my Nikon D90.  (I went with my iPhone this year.)

On Sunday morning, we woke up to this balloon in our backyard!  Hannah was in hot air balloon heaven.

It’s not very often that you have a hot air balloon make an emergency landing on your street! 🙂  (Look how cute Paris and Hannah are checking it out.)


Ragnar 2011

Last weekend David ran in the Ragnar.

What is “Ragnar” you ask?  It’s a 192 mile relay race with 12 of your friends!  You run day and night, taking your turn every 12th leg!  Fun right?!

Fun if you are an avid runner and like to run at 1:30 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon!  🙂

I was supposed to run in this race, (remember how I was stressing about it?) but I found a replacement for me with just 24 hours to spare before our race started!

To make the trip comfortable, our team rented an RV which worked as a “roving relaxation station” during the relay.  You could sleep, eat, shower, and hang out with room to stretch your legs!

The kids LOVED the RV.  They thought we bought it and Hannah was already planning our next trip to Disneyland!

They were both sorely disappointed when we returned the rental.

I drove the kids up to the finish line in Park City.  Talk about a party!  Seriously!  Ragnar knows how to make an event fun!  Don’t you just love the look on Dallin’s face here?  It looks like he’s saying, “What?  Like a 30 hour race is hard or something?”  If you look closely, the hair behind Dallin makes it look like he has pig tails!

Here comes our team!

And here comes The Barefoot M.D.!

Here are some of our peeps . . .

And here are the rest of our peeps.

I heard everyone had a fabulous time and that I need to be on the team next year!  Better start training!

(Anyone want to see David in his super white leg glory?  My friend Amber posted a few pics from Ragnar on her blog and David is sporting some seriously white legs!)

As of Late . . .

Oh my.  Where does the day go?  Maybe if I got up earlier than 8:30 I would have more day!  🙂  (But then that would mean that I would be going to bed earlier and there is WAAAY too much Jack Bauer to watch on Netflix at night!)

This post is super random.  Basically, here is bit of what we’ve been up to lately . .

First off, Hannah learned how to ride a bike!  She can start, stop, turn, you name it!  She is so proud of herself and we are impressed!  She turns five next month . . . maybe she’ll get a bigger bike for her birthday.  🙂

Dallin has been sporting Hannah’s pink and purple tricycle.  It certainly didn’t phase him that his manhood might be threatened by this.

David was not super excited about his son riding around on a pink and purple tricycle, so we got him a new one.  (And by “new” I mean we found a gently used one for $10.)

He loves it.

In fact, he doesn’t know how he ever lived without it!

Hannah wants to practice riding her bike ALL DAY LONG.  The good news is that she is pretty dang good now.  She tells everyone within earshot (the mail man, the UPS driver, the random kids riding their bikes past her) that she can ride a two wheeler and is happy to demonstrate her mad skills.  Pretty soon she’ll be able to ride her bike along side David when he goes for his six mile runs!  (Okay, that might be a while.)

A couple months ago, we bought a family pass to Thanksgiving Point.  Do you know what that means?  No more bored people at our house!  I honestly do not know how we lived without one!  We visit Thanksgiving Point about five times a week.  Sometimes I take the kids twice a day!  (First thing in the morning, then again after naps!)  The picture above is at the Children’s Discovery Garden.  They LOVE that place.

The Dinosaur Museum is also a favorite with my kids.  Dallin asks everyday if we can go to the “Dinosaur See-‘Em”  You know, ’cause you go see-em at the Dinosaur museum.  🙂

This is at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  We rented a golf cart and took my mom with us one day and cruised around the gardens.  It was a great way to show my mom the gardens and now the kids ask me to rent one every time we go.  Too bad kids, that’s what your cute little legs are for!  Running!

On Monday nights, they have Family Night activities at Thanksgiving Point, so we’ve had some fun times.  One night the kids learned how to swat each other with foam swords.  That was exciting.

Okay, so I feel like I’m not completely behind on my blog now!

More to come tomorrow!

And . . . We’re Back! (Okay, so we’ve been back for a few days now)

I don’t even know where to start . . .

San Francisco.  Check.

Disneyland again?  You betcha!

Beach?  Yes, and it was COLD!

Art Show?  Check.  It was AWESOME.

Drive through the beautiful wine country?  Check. (It was a drive only . . . vineyards are beautiful!)

BART with kids?  Check.

Golden Gate Park?  Check.

Japanese Tea Gardens?  Check.

Lombard Street?  Yep.

China Town?  Uh Huh.

Ballet dance recital?  Check.

Drive on PCH?  Check.

Thanksgiving Point 23 times in two weeks?  CHECK.

Friends, I have lots to share!   Did you miss me?  I missed you!  (Mary!  Thanks for noticing my absence!)

Here is Hannah a few weeks ago the night of her dance recital:

She LOVES that she gets to wear make up.  LOVES IT.  I dare say, getting to wear make up is just as exciting as performing!

Okay friends, be prepared for picture and story overload this week because it’s coming . . .  🙂


Working Girl

This little sass-a-frass is going to be in a book!

I came across a casting call for a four year old little girl and I submitted this info on Hannah:

Age:  4 years
Height:  43 “
Skills:  Coloring, dancing, singing, and talking to anything that moves.

I think that last “skill” is what landed her the job.  What do you think?  I put together a comp card for Hannah a few months ago and I think it’s working.  🙂  I haven’t decided on an agency for her yet.  Really, I haven’t thought much about putting in her in an agency for a while.  I should look into that . . . anyway, I’ve been her agent so far, and so far so good.  She’s done one commercial, one book shoot (it’s for a book on crafts for kids), and I’ve been contacted to see if she would do another commercial in a couple of months.

Yes.  She works.  For money.  Not for free people.  I do not have time or interest in that.   We’re opening up a bank account just for her so she can endorse her checks and let her money sit and accumulate for years.

Maybe she’ll be able to pay for college by the time she goes!

Here is a shot of her right before her shoot:

She was sad they asked her to take her earrings out . . . she thought they were the highlight of her outfit!

She is a great listener, and takes direction well from anyone.  She loves to act, so when they told her to look surprised, she really pulled out her “surprise” face and it made everyone laugh.  The book comes out in October and I met the author at the shoot.  Sounds like a fun book and I’m sure we’ll be buying it to see Hannah and to make kid crafts!


Mother’s Day 2011

I used to dread Mother’s Day.

I used to refer to to it as, “Barren Awareness Day.”

Now that those days are behind me, I look forward to Mother’s Day and all the handmade gifts that go with it!

Early Sunday morning I heard Hannah sneak into our room and walk over to David’s side of the bed. In her loudest whisper she said:

“DAD! WAKE UP! I NEED YOUR HELP! KATIE (her 12 year old cousin who babysat her the night before) REMINDED ME THAT TODAY IS MOTHER’S DAY AND I NEED TO MAKE MOMMY BREAKFAST.”


David finally pulled his sleepy body out of bed and off he and Hannah went to make me a “secret” breakfast.

A few minutes later, while I lay sleepily in bed, Hannah poked her head back into my bedroom and said in her outside voice, “MOM. YOU NEED TO STAY ASLEEP UNTIL I SAY SO.” And then she left. What a funny kid.

Breakfast was lovely (eggs, toast, bacon, and mixed berries in whole whipped cream) and she made me a lovely card as well. Please take note of the 10 pieces of gum stuck to the card.

They are ALL MINE and I’m not sharing. 🙂

This card was so fancy, she had to decorate every side. I love homemade gifts.

I ended my day with a whopper of a headache. Lovely, right? I fell asleep around 7:30 and woke up at 7:30. How’s that for a Mother’s Day gift? 12 whole hours of sleep!

A Peek at Hannah’s First Commercial


I’m alive.  Barely.

OK, so I exaggerate.

The truth is, I’ve been suffering from Acute Bronchitis for almost THREE weeks.  That is three weeks of my life I would like to get back!  I feel like I’m coughing up all of my innards about 1000 times a day.

It sucks.

This sickness comes with the added benefit of not sleeping well.

People, the only time you should not sleep will is when you have a newborn. Clearly, that is not the case around here.

Basically, that means I have been running on fumes for a few weeks.  (School doesn’t stop for sickness.   I’ve had several shoots for clients that can’t be rescheduled, and unfortunately, weddings still go on even when the photographer is sick.)  I am BEYOND ready to be DONE with this disease!

To top it off, I am an expert cougher.  In past years, I’ve broken two of my ribs TWICE from coughing too aggressively.  I blame Bronchitis for both of those casualties.  I am a hazard to myself . . . this nastiness must DISAPPEAR!

In more exciting news . . .

Hannah filmed her first commercial this week.  I don’t know much about the product, but it is about “potty training.”  I was super sick when she shot this last week, so can I just say how happy I was to realize that child labor laws applied to us?  Yes, after five hours of being on set, we were done.  Hannah worked for about 1.5 hours, and played the rest of the time.  It’s nice to have your child get paid for something they would do anyway.

Here is a peek at her shoot:

She got to color which she was super excited about.  (She colors 3+ hours a day at home.)

See this here?  She played with toys with her new friends while they waited for their turn to be filmed.

(No worries, she has a nude colored leotard on underneath her dress!)

At the end of the day, we ended up hanging out at the “jumping water” at The Gateway, and we were both thrilled because she got to run in the water and I got some books at Barnes and Noble right across the way.

It was a lovely day.