Swimming in Baby Pee

On Saturday, we drove up to David’s sister’s house (Janine) in Pleasant View (which I always refer to as “Pleasantville” because what is the difference? They sound the same to me . . .) to watch fireworks for the city’s celebration of “Founder’s Day.” Hannah got to see a few cousins, and of course spent time with “FADANNA!” (Savannah), her favorite cousin.

The fireworks were fantastic. They were launched at a field right by Janine’s house. We were able to enjoy them right overhead as we sat on the driveway. As you all may know, David and I are the nap/bedtime Nazis, so Hannah went to bed at 7:00, while the rest of of the family enjoyed playing games and eating great food. To our surprise, Hannah slept right through the fireworks. Sitting so close to the fireworks got this little guy in my belly all worked up into a knot and he was a little out of control squirming around in his womb.

Moving on to the the next fun event . . . We took Hannah to 7-Peaks Water Park on Monday. She seems to have a way with words and is very good at persuading people to do exactly as she says . . . so Grandma and Grandpa not only came to the water park, but they also got into their swimming suits. Grandpa had a great time once he was there . . . riding on crazy tube slides with David n’ stuff. The funny thing is, people over the age of 65 are free, (yes, I am divulging my in-laws ages here) so both Dennis and Gloria were free to enter the water park. They must figure that most people over 65 are merely there as spectators. I’m sure that is usually the case, but they haven’t met the “young at heart” father that belongs to David.

Hannah and Dennis (in the white shirt) in the kid pool. Check out Hannah’s grin. 🙂

Hannah and Dave, wading in kid the pool water which mostly consists of baby pee . . .

I would like to mention how these pictures came about. BECAUSE I WAS THE DESIGNATED PHOTOGRAPHER. Projects like this get handed off to the person who is least mobile, and THAT PERSON WAS ME. You see, I would like Hannah to know that I was in fact there, having fun with her . . . but I just didn’t want to document my large, swollen, very pregnant belly, IN A BATHING SUIT.

I’d Like to Make a Point

There are a lot of pictures in this post. If pictures of my darling child aren’t your thing, then STOP LOOKING and save yourself some time. If they are your thing, then you just hit the jackpot.

This weekend (which was Memorial Day) we went to the Gateway Mall in SLC, along with EVERY OTHER FAMILY IN UTAH.

This is the jumping fountain. Hannah was not sure about it at all. And truthfully, sometimes it startled me.

We took Hannah to the Discovery Museum. Hannah was overwhelmed with the thousands of toys to play with, and the 10,000 kids that decided to attend the museum ON THE SAME DAY. One of the rooms had a bunch of balls to throw down pipes, and when Hannah saw all the out of control squealing kids, SHE FROZE. What do you do when you see so many kids? How do you play with so many balls? How do you fight your way into the crowd and play?

You don’t.

Hannah did what any other overstimulated, clean, organized child would do. SHE PICKED UP ALL THE BALLS AND PUT THEM BACK IN THE BOX. JUST LIKE THE EMPLOYEES. EXCEPT SHE WASN’T PAID.

Good girl Hannah. You know how much I LOVE and ADMIRE your very clean, organized side. 🙂

On the roof of the building was a helicopter.

Hannah LOVES helicopters. In fact, she talks about them almost daily, when she talks about airplanes.

She couldn’t stop pointing. When you look at these photos, keep in mind the ONLY attraction around her is the helicopter.


She is pointing here too . . .

and she is still pointing . . .

Have you seen how cool that thing is?

Hannah made a new friend, and she very thoughtfully pointed out the helicopter to this lady. BECAUSE SHE MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED THE VERY LARGE AIRCRAFT WITH HER OWN EYES.

Next time, we’ll save the money and not go the museum, but take her down to a municipal airport where she can see all the planes and helicopters she wants. FOR FREE.

I’m in Love With . . .

I am in LOVE with photoshop. I never did anything with Photoshop Elements when we got it because I HAD TO READ A MANUAL. AND THERE WERE TOO MANY WORDS. David found some tutorials online, (which kept me interested long enough to pay attention) and we have been transforming our photographs a little at a time now. Sadly, I just started utilizing Photoshop Elements and CS3 a few months ago, so I have a LONG WAY to go to get all the photos I care about looking decent. I must admit, I AM ADDICTED TO PHOTOSHOP. It’s like getting your eyebrows tweezed for the the first time, and suddenly, you wondered how you showed your face in public for all those years with such unruly brows.

I love this photography blog. I have downloaded all of her actions, and now, I am just LAZY when it comes to being creative on my own. Why do something from scratch when someone has already done it for you, and is GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE?

This is a photo of Hannah right after she was born. Poor little thing came out with such long nails, she really did a number on her face before we got her wrapped her up like a burrito.

This is what the photo looks like after running it through CS3. No more scratches, and of course, transferred to black and white.

Hannah has crazy long lashes. I wanted to show more contrast with the lighting and the lashes, so I used an action from this site to create this:

I love the lighting now. It really shows the contour of her face, and her perfect delicate skin. And of course, you can’t miss those lashes!

This photo was okay, but I really wanted to make it more dramatic, showcasing Hannah.

This is what it looks like after using the PW B&W Beauty from this site.

David and I STILL want at Nikon D80, but since he is a med student, (no income, just a lot of out go) and I’m a stay at home mom, (a very hard job, but the pay is terrible) we only dream about the day when we can buy a professional grade camera. AND NOT FEEL GUILTY. Hopefully this camera will do for the next 30 years.