Nikon D90 For Sale!


Well friends, the time has come for me to sell my Nikon D90.  I have LOVED this camera!  It has been a great camera!  I am posting it for sale here first to give my readers and friends a chance to buy before I list it on Ebay on Monday.  (My lens, flash, and other camera gear sold very quickly last week and I had some disappointed friends, so my camera will be listed here first!)

The camera is in excellent condition.  I just had the sensor cleaned, which included a general service, performed by Nikon, so the camera is in excellent condition!

For Sale: Nikon D90 (it has 37,683 actuations)  Asking $550


  • Battery
  • Strap
  • 2 GB, 4 GB, and 256 MB SD cards
  • Cords
  • Charger

Also for sale: STO-FEN OMNI BOUNCE diffuser for the Nikon SB600.  NEVER USED! (I bought this one on accident!)


Asking: $8.00



You know you want a large family portrait in your home!  One that you can be proud of, one that you LOVE!  A family picture that “speaks” to you and captures each person’s personality.

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This is a fantastic offer!  20×30 prints are $200, so this is one promo you don’t want to pass up!  I guarantee my work, so if you are not 100% thrilled with your images, you don’t pay me a dime!  There is absolutely no risk!  Call me at 801-847-6265 to set up your appointment today!

Spots are limited to nine families, and this offer is only valid through July, 2011.  Hurry up and make your appointment!  You don’t want to miss out on this wildly popular promotion!  (This promotion sold out in two days in 2010!)  If you are in the Utah or Salt Lake County area, contact me at to schedule an appointment!

Want to see what others are saying?  Click here.

This is not valid for extended family shoots, individual families only.

AAU Spring Art Show 2011

Oh my.

I have lots to share and I’m literally swimming in so many pictures that I don’t know where to start.

Life has been busy.  Very busy.  Fun too (of course!).  David likes to tell me that I’m “too busy and important” (this is a long standing joke that we categorize people in who are just to dang “busy and “important”) to slow down, but what woman isn’t?

So . . .

This is my attempt at sharing some of our happenings, however discombobulated my thoughts are!

Sometime on our trip we ended up buying a Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller.  I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago when I pushed my kids in one during the one mile fun run that I won.


How could we not have known about these Cadillac strollers?  Who cares if you’re not a runner . . . if you WALK anywhere and need a stroller to haul your kids around and all your hud, then YOU NEED THIS STROLLER.

Honestly, we don’t know how we lived without it.  We’re thinking a third child might be in order just so we can use it for a few years.  (Okay, that was a bad joke.)  These things aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for!  We’d known we were going to get this stroller for some time now (and my “some time now” I mean like a few weeks) and to FINALLY get one was just AWESOME.

Please note happy content kids in their new Cadillac SUV.

We didn’t go down to San Francisco with the intent of buying a Bob, but after one day at the Golden Gate Park with our old Baby Trend sit n’ stand, those hills were killer.  We went off the first REI we could find and bought it straightaway.  Back at our hotel, we left our other stroller with a nice housekeeper.

Moving on to the Bay Area Rapid Transit AKA The BART.

The kids were DANG excited to ride on the BART!  It was a train!  A REAL LIFE TRAIN!

Apparently, kids don’t ride on the BART.  EVER.  And I mean EVER.

Imagine a bunch of commuters, all 18 or older, silently riding to and from work.

Boring.  Quiet.  Stale.

Now, imagine a two year old and a four year old who have waited their WHOLE LIVES to ride on a train.

Stark contrast people.

Wanna know what happened?

Everyone FELL IN LOVE with our kids.  And It’s not just because they were so dang cute and talkative.  Because we had kids with us, we met LOTS of people on the BART.  We knew their names, their birthday’s, how long they lived in the city, where they worked, and how old they were.  We also learned a bit of San Francisco history as Hannah asked multiple people random questions.  (Hey, better them than me!  I get my fill of questions everyday!)

Several people commented on what a treat it was to have kids on the BART.  Many of them commented that they had NEVER seen kids on the BART in all their years of commuting.  EVER. One girl came over to congratulate me on having such darling kids and for being beautiful and then she licked her finger and singed the air.  We’re talking friendly people who tell you what they think.  (She was’t playing for the female team FYI.)

Hello?  Do kids not exist in SF?

The BART was a lovey 40 minute ride which dropped us downtown SF right at at my school!

The Academy of Art’s Spring Show 2011 was incredible!  I was surrounded by amazing, gifted artists!  It was an honor to be a part of such an incredible exhibit!  To be a part of a larger body of work was quite surreal. (My image is the bottom left.)  It was very fun to sit back and watch people react to my image!

I had a chance to meet some of my professors, and talk to the program director.  Guess who else showed up at this art show?  Just a few names you might recognize:  Disney, Pixar, Nike, and Canon to name a few!

Look!  I even got to meet my online friend Kelly!  She and I had two classes together online during our first semester at the Academy!  We felt just like old pals, we just had to formally meet!  Kelly attends the school on campus and I’m 100%  envious!  (Especially since she resides in the “Chanel” house, does the name not say it all?!)

This is not the Chanel house here, but it is student housing!  Look at this house!  What the heck?!  STUDENT HOUSING?!  What ever happened to dorms and cinder block walls?  Now can you see why I’d want to move there?

Look!  It’s me!  It’s my school!  It’s me at my school!

It was so fun for me to have my family with me at this show.  David and the kids were great sports (I mean, how could they not be, riding in total comfort!) at the show.  On the shuttle bus from the art gallery back to the school, Hannah sat by a girl from Taiwan who attends AAU.  Hannah asked the girl if she would teach her all the Chinese she knew.  The girl smiled saying, “That would take a long time.”

I love kids.  They are so dang cute.

Off to San Francisco!

Hello friends!

I’m off to San Francisco today with my family . . . we have a fun week planned!

Paris is off to a doggie hotel (AKA, a dog Kennel) where I’m sure she’ll be pampered and spoiled!  (Okay, I just hope she doesn’t freak out that we left her at a kennel!)

Life does not seem to slow down, so I hope to share more of my life on this blog when I have a second or two!

Over the weekend, I attended another lighting class from Nikon.  It really was just a review for me on how to utilize my Nikon speed lights.  The past four or five months, I’ve been shooting exclusively with strobes (strobes and speed lights are white balanced the same, but they are very different in wattage power) so it was nice to get re aquainted with my speed lights.  They are super portable, light weight, and as long as I have a wagon to tote my light stands, umbrellas and other hud around, I’m all set to take everything on the go!  Here are some shots with my speed lights:

this one was taken with an umbrella which wraps the light around the subject.

This was taken with a small soft box (1 foot by 2 feet) which creates more directional light.

This was shot with a speed light in a soft box and BRIGHT DAYLIGHT!  This was an interesting technique to learn!  I’ll post how to duplicate this shot on my photo blog when I get back from vacation.

This was shot in the shade with specular light.  The idea is to light up the face and evenly expose for the sun.  Unfortunately, when you do that, the sky blows out.  I would need to take another exposure to meter for the sky and blend the two images together in Photoshop to get the best of both worlds, but hey, what can I say . . . I just didn’t do it.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Running Faster Than I Have Strength


Holy whirl wind of a week!

I can honestly say, I have been running faster than I have strength.  Theoretically that is.  Well, I sort of do that literally as well.  (Let’s not talk about the upcoming Ragnar Relay race I’m doing next month, Okay?)

I’ve had an exceptionally busy week (I had 10 shoots in four days) photographing so many lovely people.  I’ve attended two weddings, (I cried at both of them, even though I was working!) taken Hannnah to ballet EVERY SINGLE DAY LAST WEEK in preparation for her performance over the weekend, and did I mention it is finals week for me?

Oh yes.  FINALS.

I really do try to keep my life in balance, but these last two weeks it have been totally out of whack.

I just need to get through this week . . . I just need to get through this week!

In my rush to fit everything in this week, I FRIED one of my Speedotron strobes and possibly ruined part of my power box during a night shoot this week.  No, I will not think about that.  I will not think about how much that careless mistake cost me . . . no, no I won’t!

On a happy note, I shot the most BEAUTIFUL bridal session last week (and their wedding over the weekend!) and I really must share just a few images with you.

This is Kari Ann and Jared.  They are really good at being in love and staring at each other.  🙂  I have more from their session (and many other sessions) bigger and better on my photo blog, so check it out!  The small scale of these images do not do them justice!

When my life calms down a bit in a few days (and after I catch up with emails, and clients, etc) I will be back with so many fun pictures and stories to share!

Woot! Woot!

One of my images made it into the Academy of Art’s Spring Show!


Every year, AAU puts on a huge Spring Show where their students can show off their best work.  Thousands of pieces are entered every year, and only about 150 pieces are selected.  You can only imagine my excitement when I found out this image was accepted!  Each image is submitted blindly so the industry professional who select which images to put in the show have no idea who shot the images they are looking at.  It’s always nice to hear your clients tell you they like your work, but I somehow felt validated as a photographer when I heard I made it into the Spring Show!  (Your clients and family like what you do, but does that mean you actually know what you are doing?)

I photographed this image in between semesters last summer.  I decided to add it to the documentary category at the last minute!  (You can only submit up to nine images total, three for fine art, three for commercial photography, and three for documentary.)

Now I’ve got to get it printed, matted, and sent off to San Francisco!

This show is attended in high numbers by industry professionals and the public alike.  It is great exposure for me (potential commercial clients will be there!) and I can now say I’ve had work in a gallery showing!

Did mention I saw an ad the other day for The Academy of Art’s Spring Show 2011 in Vogue Magazine?

Yes.  This art show is advertised in Vogue.  Hello!

We were planning on attending the show whether I got in or not, but now, this makes me more excited for our trip to San Francisco in a few weeks!