The “Lucky” Shirt

It’s a good thing this shirt is made out of polyester. You know, the kind that never-wears-out-regardless-of-how-much-you-abuse-it. This is David’s “lucky shirt. He wore this shirt when Hannah was born, and said he planned to wear it when all of our kids were born. True to his word, here’s the proof:

This is David with Hannah shortly after her birth in 2006.

This is David and Dallin last week.

David has also worn this very-special-tourist-looking-shirt to other important events like the Kaplan exam (the last exam he had on Saba) at the end of last semester. He also wore this shirt three weeks ago when he took the United States Medical Licensing Exam – Step One.

One thing is for sure, this shirt will be in many more pictures in the future. We all better get used to seeing it. 🙂

If Hannah Was a Boy

Hannah’s newborn pictures look so much like Dallin. After examining several photos, I’m pretty sure that Hannah is a girl version of Dallin, and Dallin is a boy version of Hannah. Check them out:

Hannah at one week old (check out the long curly eyelashes!)

Dallin at one week old. He looks so much like Hannah, minus the long curly eyelashes of course . . . 🙁

This is Hannah . . .

And this is Dallin . . .

They are both so dang cute!

No Longer Pregnant!

I would like to point out the obvious right now. I AM NO LONGER PREGNANT. This fact alone has increased the quality of my life by at least 100%. I now have a beautiful baby boy named Dallin, and this fact has increased the quality of my life by at least a million percent. He is a doll. I am so in love with him. This is crazy, (and trust me, I know this next statement is crazy) but right after I have a baby, I want another one. Insane? Yes. So even though I HATE pregnancy (many of you have read about my pregnancy complaints so you know I TRULY DO NOT LOVE being pregnant) the final product is SO WORTH IT. In fact, I think I have forgotten all about my pregnancy ailments.

This delivery was pretty uneventful (especially compared to Hannah’s birth). I experienced no labor, (I highly recommend this) and I arrived at the hospital last Monday morning at 38 weeks pregnant for my scheduled c-section. At 8:36 am, I delivered Dallin who weighed in at 9 pounds 12 ounces. He was a tank, and I can only imagine how big he would have been if we waited two more weeks to deliver him on his due date!

When the doctor pulled Dallin out, I literally yelled, “Oh my gosh! I’m no longer pregnant!” Yes, I was THAT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

This is my beautiful son just moments out of my belly.

My recovery from this birth has been smooth. It has been SO MUCH EASIER to recover from this delivery than Hannah’s. It is amazing how much easier it is for your body to recover from major surgery when you haven’t gone through labor first. The hospital staff was wonderful, and having a baby in the USA was much more posh than my experience of giving birth to Hannah in the Caribbean.

I have had a very laid back week of recovering, and enjoying the company of friends and family who have come by to see our new addition. Hannah is absolutely in love with Dallin (much to our relief) and she always asks to kiss and hold him.

Here are some pictures from the week:

I am so glad to be home. I am up and around, and sometimes I actually get out of the house and take my kids on a walk. We love this little guy and Hannah so much. It’s hard to remember back to when David and I didn’t have them in our lives.

I Still Really Want . . .

I still want a Nikon D80. In case any of you were wondering. It’s not that I don’t like our camera, (a Cannon S2 IS) it’s just that I know how amazing the Nikon camera is. Both David and I want this camera and when we get hooked on something, (especially an electronic/gadget which probably puts me in the geek category) it is almost all we can think about. If anyone out there would like to gift a Nikon D80 to me, seriously, I swear I will send you a Christmas card every year and make you an awesome treat. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to mention what you like because in a previous post, I mentioned how much I LOVED HI-CHEW candy, and a friend of mine (who is from Japan, but lives on Saba now) brought back some HI-CHEW for me from Japan! I almost didn’t tell David about the candy, because then I’d have to share it with him. YEAH, IT’S THAT GOOD.

While we are still very excited to one day be the proud new owners of a Nikon D80, we are happy with our current camera because we are now utilizing Photoshop Elements. We have had this program for a while, but never fully understood how to do cool things with it. We have been reading tutorials online and here are a couple of photos we have edited:


This photo was taken by our friend Daniel, who used a regular “point and shoot” camera (not the Nikon D80, which have I mentioned we’re obsessed with?) This is a great photo, but check out the how much better it looks after some tweaking in Photoshop:


Doesn’t that look amazing? Just a few little enhancements here and there and viola!


I have always like this photo of my younger sister Allison and me. There are a few things that I wish were different, like having EXTRA WHITE TEETH, (because I am a huge proponent of straight white teeth) and fewer wrinkles, but hey, I realize I’m 30 . . .


Now I LOVE this photo. Not only do we have EXTRA WHITE TEETH, but the photo is soft and we have fewer wrinkles.

Still, can you imagine how great our family photos will be with Nikon D80 (have I made myself clear?) and Photoshop Elements? Yeah, we’re excited.