In 2009 I’m Surprised I Didn’t Lose My Mind!

2009 sure was a crazy one.

I’d like to say, “It sure was a lot of fun!”

David is a fourth year medical student,

Which means, with his time, he is quite prudent!

I’m a photography student and stay-at-home mom.

I’ve tried to manage everything and stay calm!

In Utah, we started the year.

We lived by family, it was nice to be near.

In February, we made our first move of the year . . . Kansas City!

It was beautiful and really, really pretty!

Living in Kansas, we felt so blessed.

I still can’t believe we moved to the Midwest!

We  enjoyed living in Kansas, it’s full of nice folks.

To our surprise, we learned we’d be moving to New York.

Shocked, we thought, “Is this a joke?”

We loaded our car with our kids, Paris, and other good things that we needed.

Pulled a little U-haul and off to New York we proceeded.

The kids traveled well.  Paris was fine.

There were only a few times I thought I would lose my mind!

We visited some Saba friends on the way in Ohio.

We ate so much food and had so much fun, Oh my!  Oh!

We loved living in Rochester. We loved it so much!

Seven short weeks was not long enough!

On our move back to Kansas, we heard some bad news.

We had to move again.  We didn’t get to choose!

School regulations made it impossible to stay,

So we packed up the house much to our dismay.

We found ourselves in Utah once again this time,

David went to North Carolina, oh my!  Does this even rhyme?

We are all together as a family as we speak,

Which is great for us because we love to kiss our kids’ cheeks!

Who knows what the future holds for us now.

I just know there are more moves for us, HOLY COW!

All things considered we are doing quite well.

In fact, I think my heart might swell.

Aside from the moves that have made us nomads and gypsy’s,

Other exciting things have happened that made us quite tipsy!

First, Dallin calmed down A LOT.

No more a screaming baby, who’d have thought?

Hannah sings, dances, and entertains.

She’s already worn out her first pair of ballet shoes and has a lot of brains.

David is busy, school is crazy.

Bummer for him, there’s no time to be lazy.

I started school at the Academy of Art.

Mastering photography, I’ve learned a few things to impart.

Paris has done a mighty fine job as our only family pet,

We’re not looking for another dog, at least not yet.

2009 was full of surprises,

Four cross country moves, I said a lot of “goodbyes.”

I say, “Bring on the New Year!”

Heck, I’ll even say it with good cheer!

In 2010 I just ask for one thing,

Please don’t tell me we’re moving to Beijing!


I feel a bit disconnected.

Wait, what?  Did you say something?  Because there are 400 other thoughts racing through my head right now and I do not have the capability to listen like a normal person.

The end of this week wraps up one crazy semester for me at AAU.  (Just for the crazy record, I started out the fall semester living in New York, then we moved back to Kansas City, and then we moved to Utah.   TWO OF THE MOVES WERE UNEXPECTED.  Nice, huh?)  And can I just say, that after all my final projects are turned in I will be able to breath a bit easier?

I have some fun projects in the works as well and I’m excited to focus more attention on them as soon as this week is over.

Deep breath . . .

To top off this craziness, David has been in and out, and back again, over and over to the point that it’s even confusing me.  Just last night I ran into some of my cousins (who happen to be deaf) at a concert, (which sounds bizarre after reading the aforementioned bit of info about them) and they were like, “Hey!  Where’s Dave?”

And you know, I was frantically signing apologizing for my sloppy and forgetful speech, while trying to remember State signs and grasping for words. I was like, at this moment, he is in Utah, but he’s only been here for 24 hours because he just got back from Denver, and Cheyenne, and tomorrow he will be in New York, but then he’ll be back, and he should be here for a few weeks, but then I don’t know where he will be and did I mention we’ve had FOUR major moves this year?

And it all comes out like a big run-on sentence like that.  With no breaths.

It is a bit embarrassing to tell our story because we really are gypsy’s.

He is constantly on the move and it is no wonder why this little guy’s favorite word is “GO!”


What do you call a car?  GO.  What do you call a ball?  GO.  What do you call Grandpa?  GO.  What do you call mommy?  GO.

GO.  GO.  GO.

He has YET to say mommy.

He’s working on it.

I think.

Wish my husband luck at his interview in New York!  This is Hannah’s location pick for residency.  She asked TWICE this week when we were moving back to New York.  Along with the rest of his interviews, I REALLY hope they fall in love with my husband!

Well, not fall in love with him because that would be weird . . . but you know . . . I hope they really, really like him and decide they HAVE TO HAVE him for their program.

Looking for New Club Members

We now live in Utah.


I am truly a Gypsy mom/wife/woman.  I started this blog when we lived on Saba in the Caribbean.  This blog then chronicled our very transient life to Utah, then to Kansas, then to New York, and now back to Utah.  In eight months, I’ll be blogging from somewhere else.

I am a master at packing, moving, and de-junking.  Not because I want to be a master at those things, I’ve just had a lot of experience picking up my life (which includes two little people, a dog, and a spouse) and transplanting it from spot to spot.

After what seemed like an ETERNITY driving through Nebraska (we drove past Cabela’s worldwide headquarters for all you outdoor fans.  They have a GINORMOUS water tower out front, so you can’t miss it.) and Wyoming (which, by the way, has got to be the most barren and freezing cold state in the USA) we arrived in Utah after 18 hours of driving.  We drove through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming before we hit Salt Lake Valley.

It was a lot of driving through a lot of states.

Fortunately, the trip was very pleasant thanks to our new dual DVD players.

BRILLIANT.  (Dallin even watched Barbie movies.  He’s such a good little brother.)

I’m not sure how we EVER traveled without them . . . Oh yeah, both kids cried because they were tired and bored.

We miss our friends in Kansas so much.  Many friends brought us dinner or had us over for dinner during the last week we were there.

Hannah misses her “too many friends” already.  Who is she going to play sidewalk chalk with now?


Who’s going to blow bubbles with her?


I don’t know, but she needs someone to fill the friend void for her.

Here are some pictures of Hannah’s “too many friends”  (Who all happen to live on my street in Kansas.)







Hannah doesn’t care if you are a boy or a girl, or like 15 years older than she is.  If you can play hide n’ seek, tag, sidewalk chalk, blow bubbles, or ride a bike, you will be counted among her “too many friends.”

Basically, if you have a pulse, you’re in the club.

Looking for new club members . . .

What is the “CHANCE-ABILITY?”

Today is my last day to pack, organize, re-organize, and putter about.  We pick up our moving trucks tomorrow morning.  (One truck is going to Utah, one is going to transfer our stuff to storage.)

I still have some minor packing to do.

I’m really burnt out of moving.

To top it off, David is out of town so I’m solo parenting and packing at the moment.

This morning, Hannah woke me up during  my comatose sleep state telling me some story and the only part I remember was when she said, “What is the CHANCE-ABILITY?

Why isn’t that a word?  Seriously.  CHANCE-ABILITY . . . IT IS SO PERFECT.

What is the CHANCE-ABILITY I could kiss this little face off?

100% chance-ability.

See, that word just slides in so easily.


I’m saying goodbye to the internet for a few days.  I’ll be blogging from Utah early next week.

In the meantime, I’m concocting a fun GIVEAWAY!

YES.  ME.  GIVING SOMETHING COOL AWAY. (Well, I think it’s cool, so be sure to enter when I post it next week!)

There is a 100% CHANCE-ABILITY you’re going to like it!

See you on the other side as we continue our crazy journey!

The Face of a Potty Dancer

This last weekend my neighbors and I had a garage sale.


We were crazy enough to brave the harsh weather conditions in hopes of selling some of our stuff.

It wasn’t the most successful garage sale we’ve had, but we had a great time drinking hot chocolate and watching our kids (who I swear had no idea it was cold) running around playing together.

Hannah looked so sassy all bundled up in one of the hats I made her, (You can make one too!  They are SOOOO easy!) the scarf her grandma made, and her new hot pink boots . . . of course I had to pull out my camera.  🙂

Little Miss Hannah Bear was having a heck of a time trying to stay in one spot. I had to ask her REPEATEDLY to HOLD STILL so I could take her picture.  (I cropped her face in tightly and she kept dancing in and out of the frame.)


After several requests for her to hold still, I lowered my camera and I saw her doing the potty dance.


In fact, in this very picture above she is saying, “Mommy, it’s really hard to hold still!  I really need to go potty!”

There you have it.

End of impromptu photo shoot.  🙂

I Want a Scooter for Christmas

Instead of packing, I’m spending time with my kids enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Today we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead and the volunteer at the entry gate looked a whole lot like Santa Clause in overalls and a cowboy hat.


Hannah is a believer, and she knew that man must be Santa dressed as a cowboy.  So, she asked him, “Are you Santa?

You know what?  The man smiled, opened his wallet, and gave her a picture of himself dressed as Santa.  (Santa obviously hangs out in Kansas City during the off season.)

She looked at him, looked at the picture, and then looked at me.   (This earned me the mother-of-the-year award in her mind, putting her face to face with the man that just hands out gifts.) She then very confidently told him, “I want a scooter for Christmas.”

He told her he’d put it on his list.

You know what I’m shopping for on Black Friday this year.

The Very Sad, Sad, Story . . .

We’re moving.


We planned to stay in Kansas for all of David’s rotations, and then move when residency starts.

That is no longer the case.

Last week, as we were driving from New York back to Kansas, we got a phone call from a good friend (and fellow student) telling us that the Veterans hospital (where David did all of his rotations and had all of his elective rotations set up) will no longer rotate Saba medical students.  Some mumbo, jumbo about not being LCME certified.  Don’t ask me what that stands for, but it’s important.

The other hospitals in the area either don’t take foreign medical students, or they are booked until March or later of next year.  That does not help us in making the 2010 residency match.  David has to do rotations solid from November through May to graduate in time for residency.

We sorted through our options and have a plan.  In a nutshell, I have to pack.

UGH, I have to pack!  Do you know how much I hate packing for major moves?  You would think I love it with all the moves we make, but NO!  It’s right up there with giving birth to a 17 pound baby.  Yep, right up there.

Our plan is to stay in KC through most of October, find someone to lease our place (we have a contract, so we aren’t exactly going anywhere until someone leases this place), and head back to Utah.  David will be setting up his own rotations in Utah (we can only do a couple of months because there are specific rules about foreign medical students rotating longer than 8 weeks per year there) and then move on to the next adventure.

Oh yeah, did I mention David is studying for Step 2 right now?  Yep.  Add that to the list of things stressing us out.

I’m tired just thinking about all this.  I think I’ll take the day off and just take a nap.

Yeah, I think I should do that.

While We Were Gone

We are back in Kansas and very happy to be home; even if it is only for a short while.

Many changes are happening in our household, and I’d love to share all the details but I don’t know them yet.  As soon we have some solid plans, I’ll spill them.  I promise.

What I can share is that we are leaving Kansas City in just a couple of weeks.  Crazy, sad, and true all at the same time.  Last week at this time, we were just minding our own business, enjoying our last few days in New York and . . .


We got run over by a diesel.  (Theoretically, not literally)

Speaking of our stay in New York . . .

During our seven week sabbatical to New York from our other life in Kansas City, this little boy decided to walk, and sprout five new teeth two of which were molars.

He also decided to talk.  His vocabulary has jumped from zero words to five: boy, no, dad, ah oh, and hi.  Of which, “Hi!”  is his favorite.  He works that word into every conversation multiple times.


And to think that David almost missed out on all of this when we thought the kids and I would stay behind and let him go to New York on his own . . .

What were we thinking?

What She Prays About

Everyone should have a three year old.

Even, if only to hear them pray.

Oh my.  The things they pray for . . . so adorable.

In a recent prayer, Hannah thanked Heavenly Father for:

  • White yogurt
  • Food
  • Our fridge
  • Doors
  • Kansas
  • New York
  • Pink Dora Blanket
  • Her “too many friends”


We love to hear her pray. Often, David and I will find ourselves opening our eyes and looking at each other when she says something so cute, but sincere from her little heart.

So adorable.

Welcome to My Neighborhood

Welcome to my neighborhood.

We live on the second floor.

The first floor is the LDS Bookstore.

The third floor has a couple of offices and an empty Masonic Temple.

We’re not in Kansas anymore friends.


This is part of our building.  Our bedroom light is on in the window on the second floor, furthest to the left of the photo.  We have a tree in front of our window.


I am in LOVE with all the architecture in this little town.  I shot all of these at night, and I plan to do more night shooting over the next few day.  Paris makes a good companion when I go out late.


Our apartment only has windows in the front and in the back (obviously, we have no side windows since we are in the middle of the building) and it  is very long.  Hannah and Dallin LOVE our new place.  As soon as we opened the door, Hannah ran up and down the hall (Which is the longest hallway ever) screaming, “I love our new house!  This is my favorite house EVER!”

True story.

Dallin was not far behind, speed crawling around our new place.

It was nice to be pleasantly surprised with our furnished apartment which we rented sight unseen.

That is also a true story.

I’ll post pictures when I get around to finding a spot for all of our things.  🙂