Your Life Will Never Be The Same

OH . . .


Are you secretly (or openly) a chocolate lover and can’t kick the habit?

Well my friends . . . this is your NO GUILT treat!

No sugar.

No fructose.

No high fructose.

This chocolate is PURE heaven and believe it or not, GOOD FOR YOU!  (Remember how dark chocolate is good for your heart?!)


Honestly, people . . . YOU NEED THIS.

I need this.

David EATS THIS.  (Which is saying a lot since the guy doesn’t eat any sugar or treats!)

I’m just trying to do my part, sharing all the secrets I know.

Kid tested.  Doctor approved.

Random Weekend

Oh boy. This week is slipping away from me. I meant to post about some fun things this past weekend, but you know . . . where did the time go?

On Friday night, Hannah and I went to the musical “Singing in the Rain” in Lehi to see my good friend Bethany who starred in it. This was Hannah’s first play, and let me tell you, SHE LOVED IT. She giggled, and rooted for everyone. We were splashed by real rain that fell from the ceiling, and that was probably her favorite part along with all the singing and tap dancing. 🙂 She was so giddy with excitement, her little body was about to burst, and part of the “bursting” was confessing her undying love for me no less than 98 times . . . that was my favorite part. Now she wants to learn how to tap dance so she can join a musical too.

On Saturday, I had an idea hit me over the head. It was like a persistent itch: I had to execute my idea to relive my brain of this cool concept.

I called Brian. (Naturally, I expect him to be available anytime I’m struck with a concept to photograph.)

I left him a message telling him my idea. I told him to clear his schedule for the next couple of hours because I was the most important thing in his life right at that moment.

Ahem. (Usually when you have to spell something out, it’s probably news to other people.)

He called me back, telling me he was on a plane, just about to take off.

Um . . . Hello? What part about “clear your schedule” wasn’t clear? And, to add insult to injury, he was off to meet his new girlfriend’s parents. (He meets EVERYONE’S parents . . . this is not serious yet.) I know my new rank now.

On Saturday afternoon, David and I went for our first barefoot run. He toughed it out and actually went barefoot for the majority of the run. I was smart and wore my five fingers from the start. 🙂 It was our first “date run.” It was actually fun, and totally apparent that David is in way better shape than I am.

Saturday night, we finally got to spend some time with our good friends Marshall and Jill. They live five houses down from us now, (this is a crazy coincidence, since we haven’t lived in the same city or state for over a decade) but it took three months for our schedules to align. We had such a great time chatting, and just hanging out together. It really is amazing how everywhere you move, there are cool people everywhere you go. We’ve been fortunate to make life long friends everywhere we’ve been. Marshall and Jill have been part of our lives since we’ve been married.

On Sunday, a really nice person got up to bare their testimony (which was really sweet) and they talked about how challenging it was to be in school full time, while their wife was in school part time, and they had a child. If I had heard this before med school, I would have thought, “Oh my! How do you even deal with it?” But, sadly, we are almost POST medical school (did you read that! SIX more weeks!) and I am totally JADED. I looked over at David and whispered, “Whatever . . . try medical school . . . average of 32 credits a semester, and 80 hour work weeks during clinicals . . . did I mention I’m in school part time too and we have two kids?”

David whispered back and me saying, “Where is your compassion?”

You see, that’s the thing, I lost compassion somewhere along the way . . . it could have been when the school screwed us over, not providing nearly enough loan money (this is not an opinion, this is a fact) or the grueling hours David has spent away from us studying, or the FOUR (COUNT THEM FOUR) cross country moves we HAD TO MAKE last year, plus the MONTHS we’ve had to spend apart as a family while David completed rotations elsewhere. My compassion was swallowed up in the process of being jaded by medical school.

I’m trying to be a better person. Maybe my outlook will improve when I see the light at the end of the never ending tunnel of medical school in six weeks.

Let’s hope.

Born to Run

Guest Post By David:

Emily asked me to write a post about my new-found passion.  Running barefoot.  While I was doing my Family Medicine rotation, I heard someone talking about a book called Born to Run.  I didn’t think much of it other than some shoes that were mentioned in the book.  I looked them up online when I got home and thought they were rather strange.  I didn’t think much more of it until I met someone in the operating room that competes in triathlons.  Whether it’s a perfect coincidence, or the fact I’m starting to think a little more seriously about my own mortality (and I want to live a long and healthy life . . . mobile, with as little physical restriction as I can manage up till the day I die . . .) I started thinking about running a marathon.

I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve said the following statement out loud, “Why would anyone want to run a marathon?”  This is not the first time I have had to dine on my own speech.  I’ve become quite accustomed to the taste of my own words.  Anyway, I decided to get the book.  I couldn’t put it down.  It really spoke to me.  Not because I’ve been a lifelong runner, (in fact, I have always hated long distance running) but because I’ve been looking for a way to maintain my health that I would continue to do for the rest of my life.  I’m not interested in something I’ll only do for a month or 90 days.  I’m interested in a life change that will have lifelong benefits.  The best exercise in the world is the one you enjoy doing . . . you will end up continuing to do it.  The best exercise is completely useless if it’s not done.

Throughout the book, everything just made sense.  After finishing the book, I have discovered an entire “underground” community/movement of barefoot running.  The stories are countless and sound very similar.  People with chronic running injuries have been finding relief while running.  All they had to do was kick off the shoes!

Obviously, there are risks in running barefoot.  Stepping on glass, a jagged rock, or a hypodermic needle . . . it could ruin your day.  The first thing to remember is to start slow.  “Listen” to your feet.  There’s a reason we have so much sensation on the soles of our feet.  Many of the muscles in our feet and lower legs have atrophied because they have been rendered useless by our shoes.  It’ll take some time to get them back.  You’ll feel them getting stronger the more you work them.  I’ve only been doing this for about a week, but I have already experienced noticeable benefit.  My posture has improved, my lower back stopped hurting, and I feel lighter on my feet.

Check out this video:

I don’t know about you, but I’m a lifelong convert.  There are many websites out there that talk about the benefits of barefoot running . . . check them out!


For a little help on the transition from heel striking to “barefoot” running, check out the following page.

The Magic Lotion For “Special Bumps”

Do you remember when I talked about the “special bumps” that Hannah I have on our arms?  The incurable Keratosis Pilaris stuff?

Well, turns out that there is something that CAN help.

Did you read that?  Something CAN HELP!

It’s an over-the-counter lotion found BEHIND the counter at the pharmacy.  It’s called AmLactin.

David discovered this miracle lotion while rotating at a dermatologist’s office this month.

Hannah and I started using it about two weeks ago and let me tell you . . . IT WORKS.

No more “special bumps” for us!

Skin Secrets

Dermatologists are the most brilliant doctors.

Why you ask?

Because they have normal office hours (not too early, not too late), rarely have patient emergencies (rarely meaning NEVER), and sometimes they take take long weekends.


To top it off, the office where David is rotating is just minutes down the street (and when I say minutes, I mean like three).

Basically, we’re seeing a lot of David which just so out of the norm for us.

A few days ago, Hannah stopped asking, “Is my daddy going to be here when I wake up?” (It was sort of a novelty to have David back.)  And starting asking, “When is my daddy coming home for lunch?”

This rotation has spoiled us and I’m afraid we’ll be in for a shock when he starts another rotation.

So far, I’ve learned a few things about skin:

  • There is no known cure for Keratosis Pilaris which Hannah and I both have on our arms.  We have a light case, but still, it sucks that nothing cures it.
  • Botox injections, while effective, still look fake and David has forbidden me to ever get them. He says he wants to SEE my expressions and not just HEAR them in my voice.
  • There is an over the counter product that solves many skin problems, (especially dry skin).  It’s called Aquaphor.


This little nugget of info might just save you lots of money.  😉

Up next?  I’m hoping to get some insider information on adult breakouts!  What the heck?!  I’m not a teenager anymore!

Nine Days? What Kind of Cruel Punishment is This?

After fighting a headache that has plagued me for NINE CONSECUTIVE days, I’m feeling quite blah.

Really, I feel nauseous and spent.

My neck has been adjusted four times in hopes of relieving this nasty pain.

It seems to have worked.  (For now anyway.)


I may or may not up to my eyeballs in finals right now and 😉 and I might be a teeny bit stressed about some projects I’m working on.

I hope all of you have a healthier, more stress-free weekend than I’m having!