Random Thoughts for the Day

David taught Hannah to nod her head. She nods all the time now. You can ask her anything and the answer is YES!!!

David has the nose of a pregnant woman. He can smell everything!!! Today, I put a new moisturizer on my face. A moisturizer I have never used before, and one that David didn’t know I had. It has SPF 15 in it, but I didn’t think much of it. As David kissed me this morning, he sniffed the air and said, “Are you going swimming? You smell like sunblock.” That would be my husband’s pregnant nose talking. I’m sure he could smell a hidden Tic Tac on the floor of our car.

I was talking to Mary (a fellow Mormon like me) the other night. We were talking about what we noticed on other people. Some people notice shoes, hair, noses, clothing, whatever. I told her that I notice teeth. I always begin to describe people’s appearances to my husband by their teeth. A typical conversation goes like this, “David you know the guy I’m taking about. He needs his teeth to be whitened about four shades and could use some veneers on his top teeth. . .” This in now way implies that I love my teeth. In fact I could tell you 10 things I would love to have done to my teeth. Anyway, Mary has “Chicklet Teeth”, like the Chicklet gum. White, and perfectly square. The “Chicklet Teeth” comment is the untimate compliment.

My talkative friend Michelle, who can out-talk me by a long shot, has a darling five year old son named Grant. He is very active and busy “concentrated” as David puts it. He says the funniest things. The other night he was on my patio and picked up a marble. He noticed David standing close by, so Grant felt compelled to announce to David in a very adult like manner, “David, I know this marble is a choking hazard.” David was not wondering why he picked up the marble (we don’t have a five year old, so we aren’t clued in to toys that double as choking hazards right now). However, he was sure glad for the information! That kid is too cute.

David’s Quirks and Milestones

On many occasions , David and I have teased our good friend Daniel about his obsession with the Weather Channel. Daniel can tell you the weather predictions of any city, at any time. On theses occasions when we poke fun at him, we realize just how seriously he takes his job as “the personal weather man for our family”. Although David has made fun of him for years about his little obsession, David has his own little quirk. It just occurred to me today that David, like Daniel, has an obsession of his own . . .The TV Guide website. Yes, that’s right. It’s always nice to have a loved one who doubles as your TV Guide, especially when you don’t watch that much TV. Daniel to The Weather Channel is David to the TV Guide website.

My husband has had two major accomplishments this week that are worth noting. First, he caught a fish. Probably the first fish in his life. I’m not sure. Well, I mean I am sure he told me whether it was his first catch or not, but I wasn’t paying attention. I know, SHOCKER!!! I have never really been known for my amazing listening skills. People like me for my other qualities, like how much I talk. Anyhoo, this isn’t about me. So David caught two fish right off the pier at Fort Bay (on Saba, in the Caribbean where we currently live). He was so excited! He came home with his catch and a big grin. As I saw him, my mind flashed to a period of time in the world’s history where men literally hunted for their families. I suddenly felt so self sufficient. He is now hooked on fishing (pun intended) and can’t wait to get out again. I know this particular entry isn’t about me (for once), but I would like to mention a major accomplishment for me. I not only ate the fish (which I tell everyone I am allergic to seafood), I cooked it as well. I know, that is a SHOCKER!!!

David’s second notable accomplishment is about his hair, which he let me cut. The wild beast, known as his hair, has now been tamed. David is secretly obsessed with his hair. He is very particular about which hair products touch his beautiful locks. He is even more particular about who cuts it. Since there are NO stylists on Saba, David has allowed his hair to get a little out of control. He has cut it himself a few times. This past month, I accused him of looking like Lyle Lovett and Brendan Fraser. Neither one of those actors seemed like a compliment to him. News Flash: They weren’t supposed to be! I guess the thought of looking like one of those actors bugged David enough that he let me pull out the scissors and hack away at his hair. David was very bossy informative about how to cut his hair. I was secretly thinking that he had been to Cosmotology school with all the pointers he had to offer! Needless to say, he had the BEST haircut of his life from me. I do admit that it looks hot. I’m not afraid to pat my own back!

Random Thoughts for the Day

Random Thoughts for the Day

My friend Rebecca has a Nikkon D80 camera. David has been salivating over it since he saw it on Saturday. He has been trying to convince himself that it is a need, not a want. Suddenly our camera is so lame.

My friend Beth, who is 2 pounds, is pregnant with her third kid. She is finally having a girl! I am so excited for her. She now weighs 2.2 pounds . . .

Hannah got stuck in her high chair seat the other day. It reminded me of the movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. I always hated the part of the movie where the Grinch gets stuck in the fireplace. That is exactly how Hannah looked in her high chair.

When I pop my knuckles, David shudders like someone just punched him in the gut or worse . . .

After the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, David and I walked back to our car with quite the load of stuff in our hands. David was pushing Hannah in the stroller and carrying miscellaneous bags. I was carrying one bag. He took the bag I was carrying and added it to all the bags he was carrying in his free hand as he pushed Hannah. I asked him, “What is my job then? If you push Hannah and carry everything . . .” He said, “Just stand there and look pretty. You do a great job at looking pretty.” This is an example of when my handsome husband speaks woman fluently.