Famous Friends

My friend, Melanie, just released her second novel last week!  It was fun to see her at her book signing last weekend!

(See this wave?  She knows me!  🙂  Okay, about 10 years ago, we used to spend at least 40 hours a week together working, talking about fashion, church, and work over too many late nights.)

You can pick up her new book “Not My Type” here, and you can pick up her other novel, “The List” here as well.

She write a witty blog here.

I have some really talented friends!



This is one of the best perks of living in Utah . . .

Your BFF’s come in to town to visit!

Pam (who came from AZ) and Katie (who came from CO) always make for a fun girls night out!

Here we have Lindsay (who drove 33 hours with FIVE kids all the way from VA) and Lesley (who lives in UT).  I used to work with these fun girls when I was in high school!  I love these ladies!  It was so fun to see them!  It’s only been 15 years!  🙂

Window Seat on the PCH

On our drive from San Francisco to Southern California, we decided to take the scenic route.


Saba friends, the view from my seat was like driving on Saba, minus the all the quick and crazy turns and and we were able to drive at freeway speeds.  🙂

Beautiful views outside . . .

We had adorable views inside as well.

Look at this!  This was on the side of the FREEWAY!


Is it any wonder so many millions of people live in California?  The whole state is BEAUTIFUL and it has DISNEYLAND!  Not to mention the great weather . . .  oh boy, we need to move there.

This is Morro Bay.  We stopped there to see a friend of David’s from when he lived in San Jose.  They hadn’t seen each other in . . .

Drum roll please . . .

20 years!  HOLY CRAP!  I remember when my dad used to say, “Oh, 20 years ago!” and I was like, “Man, you are as old as a fossil!”

20 years people.  20!

They had a little catching up to do.  🙂  And want to know where I dropped the ball on my picture taking habit?

When these two were chatting. I didn’t take one picture of them together.

Lame wife-photographer skills there.

I did however, get a great picture of Morror Bay through their living room window.

See, I’m not 100% lame, just a little bit lame.


4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

We celebrated all weekend!  We kicked off the 4th by getting up at dark-thirty to watch David and our friends, Emily and Bill, run in Freedom Festival Run 10k!

This is David right before the race.  Thanks to our friend Emily and her MacGyver skills, David was able to wear his time chip attached to his ankle.  (You see, 99% of runners don’t have this problem because they attach the chip to their shoes.)

I’m sure David is in this picture somewhere . . . there are only 5000 runners to sift through . . .

The kidlets waiting for their parents to cross the finish line!

Check out The Barefoot MD!  He placed 111th overall, and 10th in his age division.  Not too bad among 5000 racers!

BUT . . . he placed FIRST in the barefoot division!  He wasn’t the only barefoot runner and he came in first!  (This is him picking up his award!)

We watched the parade after the race . . . it was super crowded.

We ended our day with a BBQ with several of our friends and we all had a great time until it was cut short when it started raining!  Back at home we (meaning David) lit some sparklers and the kids wanted nothing to do with them.

We have several packs of sparklers left.  🙂

Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July!  We love America!

Stadium of Fire 2011

No matter where we are in the world, every 4th of July, we WISH we were at the Stadium of Fire.

The Stadium of fire is the place to be.  PERIOD.  The last time we went was 10 years ago, so this event was long overdue for us!

The Stadium of Fire is held at the BYU football stadium and they fill the stadium with 50,000 people.  Tickets sell out within hours when they go on sale in March.  David was able to buy tickets the day before they went on sale to the public and we got GREAT seats!  The kids got a babysitter (who they LOVE) and we had a fabulous date night!

Entertainment included: David Archuleta and Brad Paisley!  The fireworks at the end were incredible!  The Stadium of Fire touts the largest fireworks display in the nation!  Take that DC!

(Sitting four rows in front of us was Steve Young, and several members of the Freedom Festival Board.  I think we got great seats.)

This was our view of the stadium.  I have some great footage (great if you consider the iPhone a great video camera that is) that I want to post.  One of these days I’m going to figure out how to edit and post videos . . .

On Sunday I ran into two of my childhood best friends!  Katie and Katie!  I love holidays!  Everyone comes in from out of state and we get to play!

It was so fun seeing our kids play together.  We had big dreams when we were younger that our kids would all play together one day and every once in a while that actually happens!

Katie’s little boy, Levi, just wanted to drive my car with his big cowboy boots on.  🙂  (Bossy little two year old!)



AAU Spring Art Show 2011

Oh my.

I have lots to share and I’m literally swimming in so many pictures that I don’t know where to start.

Life has been busy.  Very busy.  Fun too (of course!).  David likes to tell me that I’m “too busy and important” (this is a long standing joke that we categorize people in who are just to dang “busy and “important”) to slow down, but what woman isn’t?

So . . .

This is my attempt at sharing some of our happenings, however discombobulated my thoughts are!

Sometime on our trip we ended up buying a Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller.  I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago when I pushed my kids in one during the one mile fun run that I won.


How could we not have known about these Cadillac strollers?  Who cares if you’re not a runner . . . if you WALK anywhere and need a stroller to haul your kids around and all your hud, then YOU NEED THIS STROLLER.

Honestly, we don’t know how we lived without it.  We’re thinking a third child might be in order just so we can use it for a few years.  (Okay, that was a bad joke.)  These things aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for!  We’d known we were going to get this stroller for some time now (and my “some time now” I mean like a few weeks) and to FINALLY get one was just AWESOME.

Please note happy content kids in their new Cadillac SUV.

We didn’t go down to San Francisco with the intent of buying a Bob, but after one day at the Golden Gate Park with our old Baby Trend sit n’ stand, those hills were killer.  We went off the first REI we could find and bought it straightaway.  Back at our hotel, we left our other stroller with a nice housekeeper.

Moving on to the Bay Area Rapid Transit AKA The BART.

The kids were DANG excited to ride on the BART!  It was a train!  A REAL LIFE TRAIN!

Apparently, kids don’t ride on the BART.  EVER.  And I mean EVER.

Imagine a bunch of commuters, all 18 or older, silently riding to and from work.

Boring.  Quiet.  Stale.

Now, imagine a two year old and a four year old who have waited their WHOLE LIVES to ride on a train.

Stark contrast people.

Wanna know what happened?

Everyone FELL IN LOVE with our kids.  And It’s not just because they were so dang cute and talkative.  Because we had kids with us, we met LOTS of people on the BART.  We knew their names, their birthday’s, how long they lived in the city, where they worked, and how old they were.  We also learned a bit of San Francisco history as Hannah asked multiple people random questions.  (Hey, better them than me!  I get my fill of questions everyday!)

Several people commented on what a treat it was to have kids on the BART.  Many of them commented that they had NEVER seen kids on the BART in all their years of commuting.  EVER. One girl came over to congratulate me on having such darling kids and for being beautiful and then she licked her finger and singed the air.  We’re talking friendly people who tell you what they think.  (She was’t playing for the female team FYI.)

Hello?  Do kids not exist in SF?

The BART was a lovey 40 minute ride which dropped us downtown SF right at at my school!

The Academy of Art’s Spring Show 2011 was incredible!  I was surrounded by amazing, gifted artists!  It was an honor to be a part of such an incredible exhibit!  To be a part of a larger body of work was quite surreal. (My image is the bottom left.)  It was very fun to sit back and watch people react to my image!

I had a chance to meet some of my professors, and talk to the program director.  Guess who else showed up at this art show?  Just a few names you might recognize:  Disney, Pixar, Nike, and Canon to name a few!

Look!  I even got to meet my online friend Kelly!  She and I had two classes together online during our first semester at the Academy!  We felt just like old pals, we just had to formally meet!  Kelly attends the school on campus and I’m 100%  envious!  (Especially since she resides in the “Chanel” house, does the name not say it all?!)

This is not the Chanel house here, but it is student housing!  Look at this house!  What the heck?!  STUDENT HOUSING?!  What ever happened to dorms and cinder block walls?  Now can you see why I’d want to move there?

Look!  It’s me!  It’s my school!  It’s me at my school!

It was so fun for me to have my family with me at this show.  David and the kids were great sports (I mean, how could they not be, riding in total comfort!) at the show.  On the shuttle bus from the art gallery back to the school, Hannah sat by a girl from Taiwan who attends AAU.  Hannah asked the girl if she would teach her all the Chinese she knew.  The girl smiled saying, “That would take a long time.”

I love kids.  They are so dang cute.

What’s on “My List” This Week

This week is spring break for me at AAU, which means I don’t have to think about one thing that requires me to actually think.

To kick off the week, I went to lunch with my sister, Ang, and we ate and mostly talked for five and a half hours.  That is what I call good food and fun!

I have NOTHING on my schedule for the next few days, and by “nothing” I mean I’m going to start reading this book written by my friend Melanie:

(You can pick up your own copy here or you can get the kindle version here.)

David and I just started watching the TV series, “24” and we are ADDICTED.  We are completely sleep deprived . . . we just cannot turn the show off!

Yes.  I admit it!  You cannot just watch one episode,  you have to watch 10 or more in a row because you CANNOT quit once you start watching!  We keep asking ourselves why we didn’t watch this show when it was on TV?!  What the heck?  How did we miss this golden nugget of entertainment?

Thank you NETFLIX for making it so convenient to stream our favorite shows!  And that’s another thing . . . we just found out you can watch TV shows on NETFLIX, not just movies that come in the mail.  Why are we just now learning these things?

Any other good secrets we should know about?

A Little People Christmas Party

Yesterday, we had a Christmas party for a few little people.

I felt a little out numbered (Dallin was part of the party too, but we didn’t let him make a crown, so he is not pictured.) but it was still fun for everyone!

They each decorated their own crown with stick-on-puffy-sicker-things.  (I’m not a crafty person, so I have no idea what they’re called.  I just tried to come up with an age appropriate activity that required little-to-no-help from an adult.)

We made snowmen out of marshmallows using a pretzel to hold them together.  Reeces Pieces for the eyes and buttons, and bell shaped Reeces Peanut Butter Cups for the hat which are available at Christmas time.

Last, each little person made a Christmas card which was Dallin’s favorite part because he got to to participate!

We’re ready for Christmas!  I’m pretty sure I’m more excited for Christmas than my kids are!  I can’t wait to see their faces when Santa comes!

Christmas 2010? Owned.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.  The food was yummy and I found the BEST recipe for sweet potato pie and sweet potato casserole.  Oh.  My.  If you want to tickle your taste buds, you must check out these recipes!  (Both of these recipes were reviewed by 1,000+ people and received five stars, so you KNOW they’re going to be good!)

There was much hype about the “blizzard of 2010” that supposedly hit us this last week that didn’t drop even one snow flake.  As you can imagine, it was a big disappointment.  We stocked up on plenty of food, got a great movie, and snuggled up on the couch drinking our hot chocolate waiting for the blizzard that never came.  LAME.

However, it has been as cold as the North Pole around here and snow finally dropped by the inches on Sunday.  Looks like the kids and I will be building snowmen and sledding this week!

(This is the frost on our kitchen window.  Brrrrr!)

I had a fabulous shoot with my friend Pam and her kids over Thanksgiving break as well.  Lots of fun pics to come!

This was a test shot and luckily, I had THREE willing and happy subjects for me to test my lights on.

Also worth mentioning, black Friday was a  big success!  I like to shop.  I LOVE good deals.  Black Friday is one big party with a bunch of strangers who like a good deal just like I do!

I’m feeling like the Holidays are under control so far.  I’m performing in a Christmas program at church where I have to sing a solo and memorize lines!  EEK!  Someone (who is NOT me by the way) has much more faith in my memorization skills, acting ability, and singing voice!

I want to squeeze as much in and still enjoy the Christmas season, so I’ve planned early and spaced things out as much as I can:

  • Christmas shopping– 90% done.
  • Christmas cards– DONE
  • Nutcracker Ballet– Got our tickets
  • Clara’s Tea Party (from the Nutcracker)– Going this week
  • Going to see Santa– On my schedule for this week
  • Festival of Trees– Going this week
  • Family Christmas Party– Scheduled!  (Should be lots of fun too!  We’re renting a lodge in Aspen grove for the night!)
  • Hannah’s ballet Christmas performance– This week.  (Be there or be square!)
  • Church Christmas party– This weekend
  • Messiah Sing-Along– This week
  • Lights on Temple Square–Scheduled

The Christmas season is OWNED this year.  🙂