DIY Toy Storage!

I’m nesting.

Not in the “pregnant” or “I just had a baby” sort of way . . . it’s more like “the kids’ toys have taken over our house and I’m pretty sure we don’t meet fire hazard standards.”

I really, really, really, really hate storing toys all over the place.  Did I just say “store?”  Because that is a joke.  We have NO TOY STORAGE.  We really don’t have any way to ORGANIZE toys, so you can only image a neat freak like me, sort of freaking out about now . . . it’s been two weeks since Christmas (which brought an influx of new toys) and I’m at my tolerance max.


I really don’t know how I (or anyone for that matter) could survive without Google.  Let it be known:  I LOVE GOOGLE.  🙂  Thanks to Google, my husband now has several projects on his “honey do list.”  🙂  After doing a few searches for “toy organizers” I came across and oh my goodness . . . I haven’t left her site yet!  She posts DIY projects with tutorials and let me tell you . . . it is addicting!  It’s super easy for me to pick out lots and lots of DIY projects because I’m not actually the one that will be doing them! It’s like shopping without a budget!

It’s so liberating to shop this way.  🙂

I saw this “Playhouse Room/Bed” and FELL IN LOVE.  Heck, I could sleep in a bed like that!  Think of all the toys that would magically have a home right under the bed!  🙂  I love the plans with the stairs.  Oh my.  Hannah needs this STAT!  To see a detailed project description, check Sherri’s blog at

You can find the plans for this playroom/bed here.

I’ve been wanting to buy Hannah a beautiful timeless kitchen set.  (Also read as: a kitchen set that doesn’t look cheap and plastic . . . a kitchen set that looks like furniture, and something you’d be happy to have displayed in any room in your house.)  I’ve seen some beautiful kitchen sets, but they are all like a million dollars, so this DIY kitchen not only fits the bill aesthetically, but it’s cheap to make!  (I don’t pay my husband for labor, so yes, it really is cheap!)

Plans to make this kitchen are here.

The above images are from Cat at Constant in Chaos.  Her husband made this kitchen.  You must check out her post to see more photos.  WOW.  You are going to want to make this kitchen too!

I really liked this bed too . . . the plans for this simple bed are here.

OK, WE NEED THIS BOOKSHELF.  No question.  Plans for this bookshelf are here.

I love this idea!  Hannah needs a place to store, and play with her Barbies, Poly Pockets, and all of her other trinkets.  This doll house will be perfect!  The plans for this doll house are here.

Not to leave Dallin out, he has his share of small toys– lots of trains and cars to be exact– that need a home.

I’m very excited for my newly organized playroom!  Dang!  I can hardly wait!

Canvas Coupon!

Thanks for all the emails and love sent my way!  My outlook on life is much better!

Today I received a print from Canvas On Demand.  My friend Leigh emailed me a Canvas On Demand coupon for a 16×20 canvas for $25!  (Prints this size usually run about $125.)

If you don’t know if that’s a good deal or not, it’s a STEAL!

The quality and color turned out fantastic!  Click on this link to get a coupon of your own!  You’re going to LOVE it!