Random, Random, Random

I rarely take my camera anywhere anymore.  It’s sad, but true.  Taking my camera places used to be fun, and exciting, but now that I shoot for a living, it represents work, and when I just want a little relaxation from what I do, I definitely don’t think to bring my camera.  I want to take all of my equipment, including the kitchen sink, EVERY TIME I take my camera anywhere, and let’s be honest, that is A LOT of work.  Fortunately, I have my trusty iPhone camera handy at all times that can SNAP the shot when all I want is a SNAP SHOT!

This is was taken this summer at Splash Park.  (AKA, the best FREE water splashing place near my house.)

Dallin and his train set.  He can’t help but put sand EVERYWHERE on the patio.

Hannah and her birthday tea set.

Sparklers on Hannah’s birthday.

Hannah (far left in the nude leotard) and her friends waiting for their ballet class to begin.

Dallin and his late night reading.  (MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!)

This ends my randomness for today.  Until tomorrow . . .

I’m Sorry, What is Free Time?

Well friends, we are in the full swing of things.

Not only are we both working and in school, but we are homeschooling Hannah.  (This is another post . . . were you wondering where the traditional “first day of school” pics of Hannah were?)

To top off the busy schedule, we thought we’d enroll Hannah in an art class.

She LOVES it SO MUCH.  In fact, she told her violin teacher no less than FOUR times during her lesson that she was going to art class right after her lesson.  Okay, that is an average of telling her teacher every 6 minutes!

She still takes ballet and LOVES it.

I think they like her too.  🙂

And she started taking violin lessons.

This cute little thing really, really loves her pink violin.  (I had no idea that I would have to practice the violin so much!  How soon until she can practice on her own?)

Also worth mentioning, this busy little bee likes to pretend it’s my birthday just about everyday.  She recycles her toys, wraps them in any paper product she can find (card stock was the paper of choice in the image below, topped of with pom poms for bows) and places them on my desk so I will be sure to find them FIRST thing in the morning.

She also greets me first thing in the morning with birthday surprises:

New day, new tray, same dress . . .

You all know what kind of perks come with having a birthday, right?  Songs, breakfast in bed, more presents . . .

It’s a tough job being the favorite parent, but someone has to do it!


RV Road Trip From the iPhone

I mentioned we rented an RV to drive up to David’s marathon in Logan.  We thought it would be fun, and the kids LOVED it!  (It was a lot of togetherness when Dallin started puking, but other than that it was great!)

Poor little Paris had to stay home.  No pets allowed in this RV.  (Don’t worry Paris, when we get our own RV, you CAN COME!)

A whole lotta room and the two little people chose to share a seat.

Now, this is why we rented this . . . proper naps!  What says comfort more than driving at freeway speeds, sleeping in bed?

The kids thought they were in kid heaven and were a little sad when we had to drop it off.

Look at the happy runner!  26.2 baby!

Glow sticks.  Possibly the BEST entertainment for kids.

Dallin quite liked playing with these in the RV.

One day were are going to buy an RV and we all can’t wait!



It has been a bit busy around here . . .

We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.

We had an early birthday party for Hannah.  (Which was entirely too much work to throw.)

David’s birthday was yesterday.  (The big 36!)

Next year, I say we go to Disneyland for a week to celebrate everything: our anniversary, David’s birthday, Hannah’s birthday, and Dallin’s birthday.

David just left for the High Adventure trip with the Scouts this morning.  I’m sure he’ll have a great time canyoneering in Zions.  (The other leaders refer to him as “Spiderman.”)  This means the kids and I will have to find our own “high adventure” without him over the next few days.

I’ve had some really beautiful shoots lately.  I have several sessions to post on my photo blog, so be sure to check out my photo blog if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to.  Be sure to look at the engagement shoot I did with the former Miss Utah 2010 and the current Student Body President at UVU!  A match made in heaven I tell you!

Stadium of Fire 2011

No matter where we are in the world, every 4th of July, we WISH we were at the Stadium of Fire.

The Stadium of fire is the place to be.  PERIOD.  The last time we went was 10 years ago, so this event was long overdue for us!

The Stadium of Fire is held at the BYU football stadium and they fill the stadium with 50,000 people.  Tickets sell out within hours when they go on sale in March.  David was able to buy tickets the day before they went on sale to the public and we got GREAT seats!  The kids got a babysitter (who they LOVE) and we had a fabulous date night!

Entertainment included: David Archuleta and Brad Paisley!  The fireworks at the end were incredible!  The Stadium of Fire touts the largest fireworks display in the nation!  Take that DC!

(Sitting four rows in front of us was Steve Young, and several members of the Freedom Festival Board.  I think we got great seats.)

This was our view of the stadium.  I have some great footage (great if you consider the iPhone a great video camera that is) that I want to post.  One of these days I’m going to figure out how to edit and post videos . . .

On Sunday I ran into two of my childhood best friends!  Katie and Katie!  I love holidays!  Everyone comes in from out of state and we get to play!

It was so fun seeing our kids play together.  We had big dreams when we were younger that our kids would all play together one day and every once in a while that actually happens!

Katie’s little boy, Levi, just wanted to drive my car with his big cowboy boots on.  🙂  (Bossy little two year old!)



Ragnar 2011

Last weekend David ran in the Ragnar.

What is “Ragnar” you ask?  It’s a 192 mile relay race with 12 of your friends!  You run day and night, taking your turn every 12th leg!  Fun right?!

Fun if you are an avid runner and like to run at 1:30 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon!  🙂

I was supposed to run in this race, (remember how I was stressing about it?) but I found a replacement for me with just 24 hours to spare before our race started!

To make the trip comfortable, our team rented an RV which worked as a “roving relaxation station” during the relay.  You could sleep, eat, shower, and hang out with room to stretch your legs!

The kids LOVED the RV.  They thought we bought it and Hannah was already planning our next trip to Disneyland!

They were both sorely disappointed when we returned the rental.

I drove the kids up to the finish line in Park City.  Talk about a party!  Seriously!  Ragnar knows how to make an event fun!  Don’t you just love the look on Dallin’s face here?  It looks like he’s saying, “What?  Like a 30 hour race is hard or something?”  If you look closely, the hair behind Dallin makes it look like he has pig tails!

Here comes our team!

And here comes The Barefoot M.D.!

Here are some of our peeps . . .

And here are the rest of our peeps.

I heard everyone had a fabulous time and that I need to be on the team next year!  Better start training!

(Anyone want to see David in his super white leg glory?  My friend Amber posted a few pics from Ragnar on her blog and David is sporting some seriously white legs!)

A Little More of This and That

It is only the end of June and it is NOW FINALLY getting warm.  Warm meaning, in the 80’s!  Dang this has been a cold spring!  It hasn’t been warm enough to take my kids swimming yet this summer and it seems like the season is half way over!

The kids (meaning Hannah) have run through the sprinklers a few times.  (Dallin runs along the perimeter of the water only.)

Sometimes I wonder if I should change my rule about letting Hannah dress herself.  She gets to dress herself six days a week.  On Sunday, I get to choose her outfit.  I want her to learn how to make decisions and this seemed like a really good way to empower her to express herself and give her full control over parts of her life.

However, princess day is like everyday. People often address her with big smiles saying, “Hello Princess!”

I think she likes that.  Especially when we’re shopping and there are lots of people that take notice.  I love it when people ask me if its her birthday or something and I’m like, “Nope.  It’s Tuesday.”

Different day, different crown.  (Out to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe which tastes good but not exactly in the Barefoot M.D. diet.)

Hannah was THRILLED when we found her some small five finger shoes!  No, we didn’t buy them which sorely disappointed her, but we were impressed she could get them in!  Those little piggies an be a bugger to get in the right toe slots!

Paris has been loving all the lazy days outside.  It reminds her of her carefree days living in the Caribbean.  🙂

Dallin got a new ‘do.  He wasn’t happy about it, but now he matches his dad and it’s super low maintenance which means no bed head for at least four more weeks!

He has loved being able to play on the patio.  I have loved the moderate weather, so it’s been a win win situation for both of us.

A few weeks ago, we walked down to JCW’s to get a milkshake for our Family Night activity.  Normally we would drive there, but after google mapping it, we thought the 5 mile walk would be good for us.  Especially since we were going for milkshakes.  🙂  On our walk home (the kids had a lovely ride in their new stroller) Mout Timpanogos looked so beautiful with freshly white capped mountains.  I had to take a picture.

Hannah made some creative art out of her lunch.  I never would have thought of this!  Maybe 3-D art is going to be her thing!

Our church time is right during our kids nap time.  Hannah can survive a day here and there without a nap, but Dallin on the other hand can not.  Fortunately, he loves his sleep as much as I do, so he will take a nap out on the couch in the foyer.  What a doll.

We had a family reunion a few weeks ago and it was nice to get reacquainted with some of my cousins.  Several of them were very interested in what David had to say about barefoot running.  He had just run another 1/2 marathon that morning.  That makes three 1/2 marathons in the last few weeks and he has one more this weekend!  (Plus he rocked it at Ragnar!)

We visit Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point a few times as week and riding the horses is a highlight.

How was that for random post?