Family Christmas Party

This year, my family rented a big cabin up in Aspen Grove (it’s just above Sundance for those of you not familiar with Provo Canyon . . . Sundance as in Robert Redford and the Sundance Film Festival) for our family Christmas Party.  It was a one big sleepover with lots of fun things to do . . .

We didn’t sleep over though . . .  it was the night of Hannah’s performance in the Nutcracker, so my little family didn’t join the party until the morning.

Honestly though, it sounded like no one got much sleep in the big cabin with lots, and lots of bodies.  (He! He!)

We braved a big snow storm to get to the party.  It was a “chains or 4-wheel drive required” kind of drive.

It didn’t stop snowing ALL DAY LONG.  The kids didn’t care though, Hannah LOVED sledding!  (And do you think I was responsible and brought my camera?  No.  Pics courtesy of  the iPhone.)

This hill is really quite long and steep.  I heard through the “Probst family grapevine” that my nieces and nephews (the older ones, like eight and up) were up until 1:00 AM sledding on that hill.

Oh.  My.  No wonder no one got any sleep!

I know it’s practically impossible to tell in this picture, but those little ant size dots on the snow are skiers at Sundance.

David and both let out a sigh when we saw them, skiing on fresh snow.

Seriously, we haven’t skied in 12 years.


Not that I was a big ski bum or anything, but it is fun.

We had a lovely family party and it’s nice to have some of my family nearby to share the holidays with!

Christmas Morning Video!

It’s a Christmas miracle!  I have a Christmas video ready to share with you, and it’s not even next year yet!  David put this video together; it’s a few segments from our Christmas morning.  Please keep in mind that I had no idea how to take videos, so . . . just know that some if this is out of focus.

What can I say?  🙂


2010 Christmas Morning from Emily on Vimeo.

Christmas Morning!

Santa found our house again this year (it doesn’t matter how many times we move, he still knows where we live!) and he didn’t disappoint!

The morning started at 1:00 AM when I finally went to bed.  At exactly 5:45, Hannah jumped out of bed, ran to me, and in a very, very, loud whisper said, “MOMMY!  I THINK SANTA CAME!!!! DO YOU THINK HE CAME?”

As I earnestly tried to awaken my body from it’s sleep deprived coma state, my lethargic body won and no matter how hard I tried, I could not will myself out of bed.  In an effort to buy myself some time, I somehow mustered out the words, “Hannah, go see if he came.”

Well, out she went, quick as a flash, and back she came into my room in 2.5 seconds, poking  my coma-state-sleeping body, literally yelling, “HE CAME!  HE DID!  HE REALLY, REALLY DID AND HE BROUGHT PRESENTS!”

That did it.  Nothing like a voice as loud as a fog horn to wake you and the entire household!

This is what Santa brought.  I was busy taking pictures of this set up at 12:30 AM, so I blame my need to incessantly take pictures for my late night.  (I would never just stay up late for no good reason.  What?  You think I would mill around following my nose all night?  NEVER!)

Dallin is a bit OBSESSED with Cars, and obviously, Santa knew that because he brought him almost every car from the collection!  It’s too bad that Mack doesn’t carry more than six cars, Dallin has been trying to figure out how he can carry 50+ Cars . . . no luck yet.  🙂

This is Sheriff . . .

And this is Sarge.  They are both new to his collection.  The Cars were his favorite set of presents until . . .

He opened his electric train set which Santa just knew he would love!

It has kept him busy ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY since he opened it.  THANK YOU SANTA.

Hannah scored a lovely collection of Barbies and Polly Pockets.

She loved this outfit so much, she wanted me to take a picture of it.  She intentionally closed her eyes (she is not blinking here) and when I asked her why she closed her eyes, she said, “Well.  Mom.  I really wanted you to focus on the ice skates, that’s why I had to close my eyes.”

Smart girl.  🙂

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Our “White Christmas”

Who said it wasn’t going to be a white Christmas in Utah?

We have been coved in fog for the majority of the holiday weekend!

I’m spending today recovering from too many treats and late nights.  My old, decrepit body can only take so much treat-eating-late-night-wrapping-and-movie-watching!

Christmas morning was ADORABLE and seriously, if you have to borrow kids for Christmas, DO IT.  It makes Christmas morning magical!  I could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve, as I eagerly anticipated the kids’ faces when they noticed Santa had come!  Really, I could have wrapped up all the ornaments on the tree and given them to the kids and they would have been DELIGHTED with them as gifts!  Little people are SO EASY to please!  I cherish this time when they are young and have ZERO expectations of Christmas because I know they are going to be a bit more particular about what they want when they are older!

I only took video footage of the kids unwrapping their gifts because I knew pictures simply could not convey Hannah’s excitement.  Her voice is about 10 octave’s higher during her gift unwrapping.  You all know how video retarded I am, so I hope to have a little segment posted on my blog by next year so you all can share in our morning.  🙂

Last night we drove down the street to the next neighborhood to watch the “Holdman Christmas Lights.”  It is worth going to see, even if you have to wait in line for a while.  You may remember I posted a video of the lights display on my blog last year, but here it is again:


Today is my sister Jenn’s birthday, and she always reads my blog but NEVER comments.  Drop a happy birthday note in the comments for her!  Maybe she will start commenting!  🙂

A Little People Christmas Party

Yesterday, we had a Christmas party for a few little people.

I felt a little out numbered (Dallin was part of the party too, but we didn’t let him make a crown, so he is not pictured.) but it was still fun for everyone!

They each decorated their own crown with stick-on-puffy-sicker-things.  (I’m not a crafty person, so I have no idea what they’re called.  I just tried to come up with an age appropriate activity that required little-to-no-help from an adult.)

We made snowmen out of marshmallows using a pretzel to hold them together.  Reeces Pieces for the eyes and buttons, and bell shaped Reeces Peanut Butter Cups for the hat which are available at Christmas time.

Last, each little person made a Christmas card which was Dallin’s favorite part because he got to to participate!

We’re ready for Christmas!  I’m pretty sure I’m more excited for Christmas than my kids are!  I can’t wait to see their faces when Santa comes!

Nutcracker 2010

Hannah was invited to join the cast of the Nutcracker!  She is the youngest member, playing the part of the littlest part girl during the opening scene.

She practically exploded from every cell in her body when David told her she was invited to be a part of the cast.  The Nutcracker is by audition only, ages seven and up.  Hannah was SUPER disappointed to hear they didn’t take four year olds . . . but apparently, they need one!  She is beyond thrilled, and we are excited for her too!

Get your tickets today!  Hannah will be performing on Friday night, December 17th, 2010.  The performance is at Covey Center For The Arts on Center Street in Provo.

It will be WORTH it!  Live Orchestra!  Professional ballet company dancers!


Buy your tickets at Covey Center For The Arts here!

Visit to Santa . . . Round One

Hello.  I’m here.  🙂

This last week has been full of fun things, and each night I have gone to bed DOG TIRED.

I know my “busy” week is typical for many moms every week, and all I have to say is, “How do you do it?!”

Before I start driveling about my life, and all the miscellaneous things happening, let’s just talk about our unplanned visit to Santa last week.

We took the the kids to the Festival of Trees in Sandy so they could ooh, and aah over all the beautiful trees, decorations,  and kids singing and dancing, and to eat some fresh scones.

Well, all of that happened as planned, except the scones part . . . switch that with visiting Santa.

You see, this was not our first trip to the Festival of Trees and I remembered VERY VIVIDLY how LONG the line was to sit on Santa’s lap from previous years.  The line was looooong people . . . like Disneyland long.

So . . . as you can imagine, I didn’t want to waste our time visiting Santa while we PAID money to see trees and such.  What a waste of time and money, I thought, when we could just drive across the street to the mall and visit another Santa FOR FREE.

Anyhoo  . . .

Hannah ALSO remembered that Santa LOVED visiting the Festival of Trees in Sandy, and you know what?  When your child asks for something 101 times in a five minute period of time, YOU DO IT.  ANYTHING.

Luckily, we got there early and there was virtually no line, but unfortunately, I was not prepared to take a cute picture of the kids with Santa and I pulled out the iPhone to recored this memory.

Ugh.  It’s better than nothing, but just sub-par quality at the same time.

Naturally, Hannah jumped right up and rattled off a list of everything she could think of . . . including a scooter for the SECOND year in a row . . . (Sorry kid, not this year AGAIN.)

Dallin didn’t want any part of it  . . . except for the candy canes to which he helped himself.

Moral of this story?  I need to get a good travel size camera that will produce good snap shot pictures for the unplanned moments.

The other moral of this story?  Sometimes what you set out to do is not what you end up doing, and if you’re flexible, you might enjoy Plan B more than Plan A.

Hey wait a minute . . . that last moral sort of sounds like my life!

I’m still wanting a cute picture of my kids with Santa, so we will go to the mall soon for round two to visit the Jolly Old Elf.

P.S.  If I ever have $20,000 + to throw around to charities, I plan to buy a beautiful tree from the festival.  Just sayin’.

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit!

I really had no intentions of kicking off the Christmas season so early, but this gingerbread kit caught my eye at the grocery store and that was just the beginning of things to come  . . .

We (meaning mostly me, with some help from Hannah) glued the house together and immediately started decorating it.  I should have read the directions first . . . you’re supposed to wait at least 15 minutes for the icing to dry before decorating.  OOPS!  So big deal, our roof slid apart, whatever.

Somehow, one thing led to another, and within minutes the kid tree was put up.  The kids were so excited about it, I ended up putting up the big tree as well . . .

Come on over!  We are all ready for Christmas!  🙂  (Please note Paris peeking out the window.  She is my shadow and where ever I go, she goes.  When she can’t go with me, she stares as long as possible.  She’s such a loyal dog.)