Mrs. Texas 2005 and Why My Husband is Cool . . .

My husband is cool.  Really cool.

I could name a million reasons why he rocks, but for now, I’ll just mention reasons 27,834 through 27,847:

#27,834: He voluntarily watched Miss America with me this weekend even though watching it was the equivelant of drilling a hole in his head.

#27,835: When the GPS on the iPhone crapped out on my way to a baby shower, I called him in a panic while I was on the freeway.  He pulled up google maps and talked me through the directions turn by turn for about 40 minutes until I reached my destination.  That’s love I tell you.  🙂

#27,836: He always knows when I need a little bit of raspberry sherbet, and a bowl magically appears in front of me when I need it most.  🙂

#27,837: He supported me when I wanted to compete in the Mrs. Texas Pageant in 2005 even though he HATES pageants.

After my post on Miss America, I decided to dig up my Mrs. Texas pics in my archives.  This pageant happened like 100 years ago.  Gosh, this pageant happened before David started and finished medical school, before we moved out of the country, before we sold our house and our business, before I birthed two kids, before we moved like 35 times, before I knew ANYTING about photography (I had never heard the term SLR before!) and twenty pounds ago.


Here is my previous life; the one where I worked like 100 hours a week, and suffered from unexplained infertility.

This was the opening number.  As I recall, the opening number was quite a complex dance number and even one of my competitors, who was a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, commented on how complex the dance number was to learn in one evening!  (OK, so the pics only show us walking, but trust me, I got my dance on!)

Evening gown portion . . .

I designed this dress specifically for this pageant while I was in Taiwan on a business trip.  It’s sort of hard to tell from these teeny tiny pics (sorry, I don’t have bigger ones to upload) but the dress has like a million beads and sequins on it.   I won the evening gown competition, but received first runner-up to Mrs. Texas 2005.

Ah, look at David . . . we are so young!  We’re both still in our twenties!

OK, note to self, gold/ivory washes me out.  END OF STORY.

Turquoise, is MUCH better.

This was the interview portion.

See?  GOLD is not my best color.  UGH.

This was rehearsal for the opening number.  Seriously, it was a little more advanced than many of us expected.

When I look at this picture I think, “What the heck happened to that purse?  I love that over priced Louis Viutton knock off bag I picked up in Hong Kong!”

Too many moves I tell you.  Maybe I still have it in storage . . . who knows!

And did I mention this pageant took place in San Antonio, which was about five hours away from our house in Dallas?  My sister and two of my employees came to support me, as well as our BFF’s, Daniel and Lydia.  I felt so supported.  🙂  (Especially when I could hear one of my employees screaming my name over the entire audience.  AWESOME.)

Immediately following the crowning, I packed up my things and we drove five hours through the night in order to catch my early morning flight out of Dallas to Taiwan.  We got home safely, and with just a few minutes to spare for me to pack my bags and drive to the airport in time to catch my flight.

That last paragraph would be reason #27838.

Let’s Talk About Miss America, Shall We?

Did any of you watch Miss America this weekend?

I used to LOVE watching pageants.  Heck, I’ve competed in several!  Over the years (read: after my stint as Mrs. Dallas, and after competing for Mrs. Texas and receiving first runner-up) I’ve moved on.  National pageants are not on my radar very often, (except Miss Universe.  It is a must see!  Remember Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith slipping at Miss Universe!?  I had dinner with her once  in Atlanta when she was modeling for Jovani when she was about 16 . . . so I kind of feel like we go waaaayy back.)  but after reading a few facebook status updates regarding the Miss America Pageant, I thought, WHAT THE HECK.

I tuned into the pageant right after it started, so I didn’t miss much.  David even sat down next to me to watch it as well.  This is the point where I need to clarify something for him: he likes to hang out with me, (I mean, who doesn’t?!) he does not like watching pageants, EVER, so it was sort of a big deal.

I was happy Miss Nebraska won . . . the  youngest Miss America EVER.  DANG.  (It’s not like she has big shoes to fill or anything!)

Honestly, my favorite contestant was Miss Arkansas.  She was beautiful, poised, and INSANELY TALENTED.  I must admit, I cringed when they announced her talent as a “veltriquist singing act.”

OH.  MY.  I squeezed David’s arm a little too tight while I waited for the train wreck I imagined.

BUT . . .

That girl is talented!  She can sing (amazing), yodel (even more amazing!  I would know . . . ), and talk very clearly through her teeth!  YIKES!  She needs to go on America’s got Talent!  I had goose bumps while she performed!  AMAZING.

Oh, look, I found a video clip for you all to enjoy!

She had my vote for Miss America!

I was really excited to see two of the contestant dance on point . . . their costumes were beautiful (especially the red one) but sadly, they just don’t match up to the professional performances I’ve become accustomed to seeing, so they both fell short in my opinion.  VERY SHORT.

And last, let’s talk about Miss Delaware.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Her wigs are AMAZING.  I’m starting to think alopecia isn’t such a bad thing . . . you never have a bad hair day, and your time getting ready is cut in HALF when you don’t have to style your hair!

She was beautiful and confident and I was glad to see her as a semi-finalist.

Mark your calendars to watch Miss Universe in May!

Dress Rehearsal

Last night, Hannah experienced her first dress rehearsal (many more in the future, I’m sure) for ballet.

I was told she needed to wear makeup, and when I told Hannah this exciting bit of information, she ran up and down the street telling the entire world.  (OK, figuratively.)

We had a couple of minutes of free time before she had to head out the door to rehearsal, when she asked me to take her picture.  Heck, why not?  She is so dang cute and she was soooo excited about her beautiful make up. How could I not?

David took her to rehearsal, so I had some free time to play around with these pictures while they were gone.  (Look at her darling lips!)

See this pic here?  It is actually the same picture as the first image on this post.  In Photoshop, I duplicated the image (so I had two open copies of the image) and flipped one of them around and pieced them together.  This picture is actually just the left side of her face.

OK, maybe I had a bit too much time on my hands because I kept playing around, doing whatever.

I love my kids.

I love Photoshop.

In that order.  🙂

On a Side Note . . .

I’m concocting something really, really cool and fun for Friday’s post.  You’re going to want to check back first thing Friday morning FOR SURE.

For some of you, it will be an awesome opportunity, and I’m pretty excited about it.

I can be crazy sometimes, and I have one crazy idea, let me tell you.  I have a feeling that some of you are going to LOVE me on Friday.  🙂

Until then, lets love Nads, shall we?

Oh Nads, how I LOVE YOU!

I’m SO HAPPY you come in a facial wand that doesn’t have to be heated in the microwave.  It has prevented my upper lip from being scared of you!  The pain of each and every little unwanted pesky hair on my upper lip does not mind being yanked out from the roots.  My lip has always been scared of your regular formula that has to be heated in the microwave at temperatures that make my skin want to fall off!

Someone brilliant invented you.  Maybe it was Nad?

Thank you, Nad, for improving my personal hygiene.

Next . . .

Have you ever heard of five finger shoes?

Yeah.  Me neither.

David heard abut these shoes the other day at the practice he’s rotating at.

They sound very interesting . . .

And their customers are raving about them.

Any opinions?

I’m totally curious, so maybe I’ll be sporting a pair of these on my blog soon.  🙂

The Adult “Brain Squeezer”

Someone, help me understand . . .

Why is every other adult female head in Utah County sporting one of these?

A knit head wrap?  WHAT THE?!

So your ears can stay warm all day?  Because fancy ear bands (normally worn skiing, not as hair accessories) are so comfortable to wear all day?  Because you like your hair to pouf out on the back of your head?  Because your forehead gets cold?

Am I the only who thinks this “head wrap thing” is an adult version of the baby brain squeezer?

(I have never been a fan of baby brain squeezers either.)

Your hair accessory should never enter a room before you do, and it should compliment your outfit, not distract from it.

I’m sure many of us wore scrunchies and silk oversized bows in the 1990’s.

How do you feel about them now?

Don’t you wish someone told you to WALK away from the floppy bows and scrunchies?

Aside from my opinion (that head wraps are just not cute), WHY would someone choose a head wrap over a cute hat?

(Like this!  THIS is a cute hat!)

Seriously, WHY?

Start out 2010 right, by NOT succumbing to this fashion trend!  You’ll thank me in 10 years!

The Magic Lotion For “Special Bumps”

Do you remember when I talked about the “special bumps” that Hannah I have on our arms?  The incurable Keratosis Pilaris stuff?

Well, turns out that there is something that CAN help.

Did you read that?  Something CAN HELP!

It’s an over-the-counter lotion found BEHIND the counter at the pharmacy.  It’s called AmLactin.

David discovered this miracle lotion while rotating at a dermatologist’s office this month.

Hannah and I started using it about two weeks ago and let me tell you . . . IT WORKS.

No more “special bumps” for us!

Skin Secrets

Dermatologists are the most brilliant doctors.

Why you ask?

Because they have normal office hours (not too early, not too late), rarely have patient emergencies (rarely meaning NEVER), and sometimes they take take long weekends.


To top it off, the office where David is rotating is just minutes down the street (and when I say minutes, I mean like three).

Basically, we’re seeing a lot of David which just so out of the norm for us.

A few days ago, Hannah stopped asking, “Is my daddy going to be here when I wake up?” (It was sort of a novelty to have David back.)  And starting asking, “When is my daddy coming home for lunch?”

This rotation has spoiled us and I’m afraid we’ll be in for a shock when he starts another rotation.

So far, I’ve learned a few things about skin:

  • There is no known cure for Keratosis Pilaris which Hannah and I both have on our arms.  We have a light case, but still, it sucks that nothing cures it.
  • Botox injections, while effective, still look fake and David has forbidden me to ever get them. He says he wants to SEE my expressions and not just HEAR them in my voice.
  • There is an over the counter product that solves many skin problems, (especially dry skin).  It’s called Aquaphor.


This little nugget of info might just save you lots of money.  😉

Up next?  I’m hoping to get some insider information on adult breakouts!  What the heck?!  I’m not a teenager anymore!


David is back!

To celebrate, Hannah and I went to the salon.

Our hair needed attention.



Hannah loved every second in the beauty salon.


More than one person compared her to Shirley Temple.

That would be 57 times this year that she has been compared to Shirley.  (Who, is 81 years old now.)



Now that we’ve been beautified, we can focus on other things, like spending time with David.

Did I mention he’s doing a dermatology rotation right now?

It is fantastic.

Why you ask?

Because dermatologists have fantastic hours, and no one ever has an emergency.

Well, like a REAL emergency.  (“I woke up with acne!”  is not considered an emergency . . .)

Plus, it will be nice to have a skin expert around.  🙂

Niagara Falls Sneak Peak

This is a little sneak peak of our trip to Niagara Falls this last weekend.




I shot this at sunset from the observation tower on the American side of the falls.


I shared the deck with like 500 other excited tourist and their cameras.  Thanks to my tripod, people moved out of my way.  🙂


This is the Canadian skyline as viewed from the American side of the falls.


It was so beautiful.  I love the rich neon colors.


This big spotlight lights up the falls at night.  Obviously, the falls are much more amazing to view at night from the Canadian side.


This is upstream from the American falls.  It was a raging tempest as the water rushed over the cliff.

I cannot express in words how beautiful Niagara Falls is.  Really.  It is AMAZING.

I’m still sorting and editing pictures from our trip, but I’ll post them soon.

Can’t take a trip to see Niagara in person?  Stay tuned and I’ll take you on a picture journey.  You’re going to like it.  🙂