Hannah Said What?!

That garbage on the road sure is sparkling!  (Noting the white reflectors that divide the lanes on the road on CA that we don’t have in UT)

Mom, I want to listen to my body and my body says I’m full.  (handing
me 1/2 of her cookie)

Can you teach me all the Chinese you know! (to the girl from Taiwan on
our shuttle bus)

I’m older now, I’m in the older ballet class.  I’m already four.
(rouring laughter from all the Chinese people on our bus.)

I’m in ballet, but i’m not on pointe yet.  My feet have to get stronger.

I want as many friends as I can get!

Mom, let me confuse to you to another song.

Mommy, how did Daddy help you make me?  (She has asked me this at least THREE times in the last week  . . . not sure what do say next!)


This is one of the best perks of living in Utah . . .

Your BFF’s come in to town to visit!

Pam (who came from AZ) and Katie (who came from CO) always make for a fun girls night out!

Here we have Lindsay (who drove 33 hours with FIVE kids all the way from VA) and Lesley (who lives in UT).  I used to work with these fun girls when I was in high school!  I love these ladies!  It was so fun to see them!  It’s only been 15 years!  🙂

Wall Displays With YOUR Images!

I really do try to keep my professional work separate from my personal work, but this is just so exciting!!!

My brilliant friend (Okay, so I haven’t actually met her yet, but I know we’d be fast friends!) Ariana over at Photographer’s Wall Display Guides created some templates that can show you what your images would like on your wall BEFORE you actually buy them!

BRILLIANT!  I KNOW!  (Why didn’t I come up with this incredible idea?!)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a loss when clients ask me what they should order.  Without seeing the wall, or the space, I have no idea what images look good grouped together without actually laying them out.  Now, I’m a photographer, and if I don’t know what looks good grouped together, how I can I expect my clients to know what sizes work well together?

There is no more guess work anymore!  You don’t need to hear me say that an 8×10 print will be practically invisible over your fireplace . . . you can just see for yourself!

I can also show you that a 20×30 framed image would look fabulous!

And that a 30×40 canvas would really look fabulous:

You can also see how a grouping would look over your fireplace (this is a 16×20 & 4 5×7’s):

Want to see them in your office, bedroom, kitchen, over a couch, dining room, nursery, in a hallway, or on a stairway?  NO PROBLEM!!!

I decided to take this idea one step further, and I now create a personalized video clip for each client, showing them how their particular images would look in various rooms in their home.  This helps us all get an idea of what size images work together and how to group them.

Sawyer Brown Concert!


When we heard they were coming to Utah on their tour (Orem, Utah nonetheless!) we were STOKED!  David bought the best seats available . . . THIRD ROW!

Oh my.  Have you ever seen Sawyer Brown in concert?  You MUST.  Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are very entertaining!   Mark Miller (the lead singer) is like the energizer bunny on stage!  He keeps bouncing, and dancing NON-STOP!  The last time we saw them perform was in 2001 at the Stadium of Fire in Provo.  They have been touring for almost 30 years now!  You must go!

We had been looking forward to our date night to Sawyer Brown for months.  I love attending a great concert!  I especially love attending a great concert when you are up close and on the floor!  You can see the performers sweat, see detail in their facial expressions, and so much more!  It really makes the experience 10x times more fun!

Here are some pictures I took using a prime lens.  (That means I had no zoom on this lens.  What you see is exactly how far away we were from the band.)

Do you see the rain puddles Mark Miller is stomping through in the left picture?

Oh didn’t I mention the rain?  It was an outdoor concert and it rained.  A lot.

Torrential rain to be exact.

Here we are super optimistic that the clouds above us would just BLOW AWAY.

This is us just minutes before the concert was postponed . . .

It started pouring, so I sent David to get us some ponchos.

He came back with one.  THE VERY LAST ONE AVAILABLE.

He gave it to me  (Love that man!) and I stayed relatively dry while he got soaked.

Holy rain Batman!

The rain lifted a little bit (and by a little bit, I mean it was raining hard and not pouring) so the band came out to play in the rain!

It was an incredible show and the rain made it even more memorable!

Can’t wait to see them again!  (They’ll be in Wendover, Nevada in November . . . that’s not too far away for us!)

Hannah’s Turned FIVE!


I’m feeling 110% behind on life.  Not usually a great feeling to have, but that means I must be having too much fun to slow down, right?

I’m not sure how it happened, but that little peanut I delivered on Sint Maarten is no longer a little peanut!

Hannah turned five!  This milestone was met with a party that was entirely too much work to put together.  🙂  (I’m writing this now, so next year I won’t get any big ideas!)

We Put up two big party tents, invited 10 of her friends plus their little siblings, and their parents, and my oh my . . . hosting 30+ people can be a bit overwhelming when they range from 1-40 years old.

We had an “Aerial” themed party, complete with plenty of “princess” themed extras.  Lots of cake (complimentary of the bakery, I had to out source something this year!) food, and warm water for swimming!

The weather forecast was scattered thundershowers (lovey for a swimming party) so we put up another tent and her outdoor party quickly became an indoor tent party!  Good thing too, it rained!

Happy fifth birthday to our little Hannah Bear!  (Your passport just expired and I have no excuse to get you a new one.  BUMMER.)


It has been a bit busy around here . . .

We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.

We had an early birthday party for Hannah.  (Which was entirely too much work to throw.)

David’s birthday was yesterday.  (The big 36!)

Next year, I say we go to Disneyland for a week to celebrate everything: our anniversary, David’s birthday, Hannah’s birthday, and Dallin’s birthday.

David just left for the High Adventure trip with the Scouts this morning.  I’m sure he’ll have a great time canyoneering in Zions.  (The other leaders refer to him as “Spiderman.”)  This means the kids and I will have to find our own “high adventure” without him over the next few days.

I’ve had some really beautiful shoots lately.  I have several sessions to post on my photo blog, so be sure to check out my photo blog if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to.  Be sure to look at the engagement shoot I did with the former Miss Utah 2010 and the current Student Body President at UVU!  A match made in heaven I tell you!

Golden Gate Park

When I was 16, I visited San Francisco with my best friend Tricia and her mom (and her mom’s friend).  Tricia’s mom, Leslie (who owns the Alpacas) flew us all out there for her 16th birthday.

Best birthday idea EVER!

I remember going to several tourist attractions, and one that I really wanted to see again was the Japanese Tea Gardens.

I hoped it would be all I remembered and more . . .

And it was!

The Japanese Tea Gardens are located at Golden Gate park (Which is like SF Central Park).  They were beautiful, quiet, and well manicured.

The only stressful part was keeping two excited kidlets QUIET.

How do you keep kids from running outside?  How do you keep them from using their outside voice when they are outside?

No idea?  Me neither.  We ended up walking like 29 miles over to another park the kids loved SO MUCH.  (Okay, it only felt like 29 miles because we didn’t have our rockin’ BOB stroller yet, and pushing a heavy stroller and kids up and down 45 degree hills makes every step feel like a mile!)

I have more to share from our time at Golden Gate Park!  Come back!  🙂

Lombard Street and China Town

When we were in SF, I insisted that we drive down Lombard Street (AKA the crookedest street in the world!) and visit China Town.  (I didn’t really take any pictures of China Town though.)

Here is part of our drive down Lombard Street:

David and I were super impressed, and they kids were mildly entertained.

It is so unique and beautiful!  The homes are fabulous (they’d have to be on such a famous street!) and tourists are everywhere walking up and down this crazy steep street.

What a view from the crooked road!

I love the architecture in this city.  The textures and lines go on and on and I could fill up several terabytes with pictures of this place.

Window Seat on the PCH

On our drive from San Francisco to Southern California, we decided to take the scenic route.


Saba friends, the view from my seat was like driving on Saba, minus the all the quick and crazy turns and and we were able to drive at freeway speeds.  🙂

Beautiful views outside . . .

We had adorable views inside as well.

Look at this!  This was on the side of the FREEWAY!


Is it any wonder so many millions of people live in California?  The whole state is BEAUTIFUL and it has DISNEYLAND!  Not to mention the great weather . . .  oh boy, we need to move there.

This is Morro Bay.  We stopped there to see a friend of David’s from when he lived in San Jose.  They hadn’t seen each other in . . .

Drum roll please . . .

20 years!  HOLY CRAP!  I remember when my dad used to say, “Oh, 20 years ago!” and I was like, “Man, you are as old as a fossil!”

20 years people.  20!

They had a little catching up to do.  🙂  And want to know where I dropped the ball on my picture taking habit?

When these two were chatting. I didn’t take one picture of them together.

Lame wife-photographer skills there.

I did however, get a great picture of Morror Bay through their living room window.

See, I’m not 100% lame, just a little bit lame.


Nikon D90 For Sale!


Well friends, the time has come for me to sell my Nikon D90.  I have LOVED this camera!  It has been a great camera!  I am posting it for sale here first to give my readers and friends a chance to buy before I list it on Ebay on Monday.  (My lens, flash, and other camera gear sold very quickly last week and I had some disappointed friends, so my camera will be listed here first!)

The camera is in excellent condition.  I just had the sensor cleaned, which included a general service, performed by Nikon, so the camera is in excellent condition!

For Sale: Nikon D90 (it has 37,683 actuations)  Asking $550


  • Battery
  • Strap
  • 2 GB, 4 GB, and 256 MB SD cards
  • Cords
  • Charger

Also for sale: STO-FEN OMNI BOUNCE diffuser for the Nikon SB600.  NEVER USED! (I bought this one on accident!)


Asking: $8.00