Composite Photography

I recently learned how to make composite imagery in my Photoshop class at AAU.  I have been having WAY too much fun with it!  You could have a twin, a triplet, you name it!  With the help of my camera and Photoshop CS5, I can create almost anything my mind can think of!  My only limitation is my knowledge in Photoshop, but I’m getting there!  My mind has been going a mile a minute since I learned this technique.  (Too see these images bigger and better, check them out on my photo blog.)

My next big plan for composite photography is to create a really great family portrait of MY FAMILY!  I never photograph us anymore!  It’s crazy to do family self portraits, and little people make it really tricky.  Now, I can photograph each of us individually, and MAKE a great family portrait!  Can’t wait to get a 30×40 of my new family portrait which has yet to be created!

4 thoughts on “Composite Photography”

  1. You know what would be TOTALLY, TOTALLY COOL??????

    OMGoodness Emily, I just had an idea for you.

    Take the twelve pictures of a baby (one per month) and line them all up on a rectangular composite picture!! Like a growth chart but totally cooler. I know you don’t do alot of baby pics but I think it would look awesome, especially if the baby had a uniform appearance (like naked or white diaper cover) in all the poses.

    So, probably they already thought of all that but it is a new idea to me. LOL.

    Hope it helps.

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