Goodbye Mid-Day Nap. You Were Good to Me!

PMS and head colds are not a great combination.  Unfortunately, I had both this week.  After a particularly taxing parenting day on Tuesday, Hannah said to me, “Mom, you should take a day off.  I think it’s Daddy’s turn to watch us.  You should just take a day off and get better.”

Oh boy.  Is she really only five?  By the way, I told her that was an EXCELLENT idea.

Speaking of Hannah . . . six days ago she decided she didn’t need to take naps anymore.  She didn’t tell me, she just stopped falling asleep during her nap time.  I knew we were on borrowed time for a year or two now . . . but the sad day has come.  She just doesn’t need a mid-day nap to keep her going all day.  We’re still in the transition period where one nap is too many and no nap is not enough.  I know many of you are pulling out your invisible violins, playing an obnoxious song for me right now in honor of this milestone.

Let it be noted for all posterity . . . Hannah is a champion sleeper.  She took a nap everyday of her life until just after her fifth birthday.  As this chapter in our lives close, let’s have a moment of silence.

Oh yes, I almost forgot . . . Dallin is still a champion sleeper!  My life is not turning to to complete chaos overnight!  Let’s have another moment of silence for the moments of silence that kid gives me everyday.

Ah.  Yes.

Cheers to silence!  And sanity!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Mid-Day Nap. You Were Good to Me!”

  1. Jex is my only child that napped until five. My others have been champion nappers though. Like 4 hour naps, and you can’t beat that. Hannah has the cutest personality. I think she gets it from you.

  2. Emily the photographer…you really need to keep writing. You make me laugh. Ever think about writing a novel about family? You should. Your writing is very good. Oh, and yes, I played my pity violin for you. Wa Wa Wa!

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