Coming To A Costco Near You!

See this soup?  It is coming to a Costco near you!  That is, of course, if you live in the Midwest!  This Cheddar Potato Soup Mix is one of the newest soups by Inn On The Creek.  I photographed this soup last month, and this is the image you will see on the box when you purchase it!

Here is the final image with all the info for the box:

This is exciting!  I sort of wish I was back in Kansas so I could pick this up at my local Costco!

4 thoughts on “Coming To A Costco Near You!”

  1. I’m totally going to get this soup just so I can tell everyone that I know the photographer!!! The only thing more amazing is if they accidently kept your web address on the box and you got tons and tons of business that you had to expand and into a major corporation and well I could go on and on!!! Congratulations Emily!!!

  2. Thanks guys! @Cathy, be sure to buy one and take a pic of it for me! I want to see it! 🙂 @Daniel, maybe it will hit stores in FL? Okay, not exactly soup country, but you never know!

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