I’m Sorry, What is Free Time?

Well friends, we are in the full swing of things.

Not only are we both working and in school, but we are homeschooling Hannah.  (This is another post . . . were you wondering where the traditional “first day of school” pics of Hannah were?)

To top off the busy schedule, we thought we’d enroll Hannah in an art class.

She LOVES it SO MUCH.  In fact, she told her violin teacher no less than FOUR times during her lesson that she was going to art class right after her lesson.  Okay, that is an average of telling her teacher every 6 minutes!

She still takes ballet and LOVES it.

I think they like her too.  🙂

And she started taking violin lessons.

This cute little thing really, really loves her pink violin.  (I had no idea that I would have to practice the violin so much!  How soon until she can practice on her own?)

Also worth mentioning, this busy little bee likes to pretend it’s my birthday just about everyday.  She recycles her toys, wraps them in any paper product she can find (card stock was the paper of choice in the image below, topped of with pom poms for bows) and places them on my desk so I will be sure to find them FIRST thing in the morning.

She also greets me first thing in the morning with birthday surprises:

New day, new tray, same dress . . .

You all know what kind of perks come with having a birthday, right?  Songs, breakfast in bed, more presents . . .

It’s a tough job being the favorite parent, but someone has to do it!


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