Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

What have I gotten myself into?

Last week I mentioned to David that I wanted to have a booth in the January bridal shows in 2012.   After calling the bridal shows, we were surprised to hear there was room for us to participate in the show in September.  AS IN THREE WEEKS AWAY from the the time we paid for our booth.

Oh boy.

Luckily for us, we’ve done several bridal shows (remember how we used to own a wedding gown store in Dallas?) and we know how lucrative they can be (being placed in front of your target market with thousands of potential clients is awesome) so we decided to jump on it.

My time is completely tied up in preparing for this show with super short notice.  I’ve been designing albums, getting large prints made, putting together promo marketing pieces, updating my website,  and oh yeah . . . putting together a new LOGO.  (I have new business cards coming now!)

You see, my logo has never sat right with me.  Not sure what bugged me about it, but I never took the time to make it “mine” until now.  Doing this bridal show, I knew I had to brand myself and NEVER change the brand look, so David and I came up with something I was happy with.  (That meant breaking down and buying a font!)  Want to see it?  Check out my website and/or my photo blog.

Also worth mentioning:

Hannah started Ballet again this week.

She starts violin today.

Did I mention art classes?  Yeah, she starts those today too.

David started his classes this week (he is getting his MBA right now as well).

I start classes at AAU tomorrow.

And now we’re doing a bridal show.

It may be a few days before I’m back on this blog.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?”

  1. Love the new logo. Good luck at the bridal show!! I’m sure you’ll do great and that it will bring in lots of new clients for you.

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