The Metallic Hot Pink Violin

It feels like Christmas Eve RIGHT NOW.

Hannah is taking a nap and her new pink violin just came in the mail!


I really want to wake her up!  (Holding back . . . she got three shots today, she really needs to sleep.)

Hannah has been DYING to play the violin HER WHOLE LIFE (which we all know is not that long considering she just turned five) and she has been saving her money from jobs she gets here and there.  This is her first big purchase:

A metallic hot pink violin!  Heck, I even want to play it!  It’s adorable!

Looks like we’ll be moving on from playing the “Marker Violin” to a playing a real violin today!

I can’t wait for her to see this!

One thought on “The Metallic Hot Pink Violin”

  1. I remember the marker violin. What a great expression she has in that picture. Good for you for supporting her passions, even though she is only five. Support for your interests and dreams is sooo important in life.

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