Wall Displays With YOUR Images!

I really do try to keep my professional work separate from my personal work, but this is just so exciting!!!

My brilliant friend (Okay, so I haven’t actually met her yet, but I know we’d be fast friends!) Ariana over at Photographer’s Wall Display Guides created some templates that can show you what your images would like on your wall BEFORE you actually buy them!

BRILLIANT!  I KNOW!  (Why didn’t I come up with this incredible idea?!)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a loss when clients ask me what they should order.  Without seeing the wall, or the space, I have no idea what images look good grouped together without actually laying them out.  Now, I’m a photographer, and if I don’t know what looks good grouped together, how I can I expect my clients to know what sizes work well together?

There is no more guess work anymore!  You don’t need to hear me say that an 8×10 print will be practically invisible over your fireplace . . . you can just see for yourself!

I can also show you that a 20×30 framed image would look fabulous!

And that a 30×40 canvas would really look fabulous:

You can also see how a grouping would look over your fireplace (this is a 16×20 & 4 5×7’s):

Want to see them in your office, bedroom, kitchen, over a couch, dining room, nursery, in a hallway, or on a stairway?  NO PROBLEM!!!

I decided to take this idea one step further, and I now create a personalized video clip for each client, showing them how their particular images would look in various rooms in their home.  This helps us all get an idea of what size images work together and how to group them.

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