Sawyer Brown Concert!


When we heard they were coming to Utah on their tour (Orem, Utah nonetheless!) we were STOKED!  David bought the best seats available . . . THIRD ROW!

Oh my.  Have you ever seen Sawyer Brown in concert?  You MUST.  Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are very entertaining!   Mark Miller (the lead singer) is like the energizer bunny on stage!  He keeps bouncing, and dancing NON-STOP!  The last time we saw them perform was in 2001 at the Stadium of Fire in Provo.  They have been touring for almost 30 years now!  You must go!

We had been looking forward to our date night to Sawyer Brown for months.  I love attending a great concert!  I especially love attending a great concert when you are up close and on the floor!  You can see the performers sweat, see detail in their facial expressions, and so much more!  It really makes the experience 10x times more fun!

Here are some pictures I took using a prime lens.  (That means I had no zoom on this lens.  What you see is exactly how far away we were from the band.)

Do you see the rain puddles Mark Miller is stomping through in the left picture?

Oh didn’t I mention the rain?  It was an outdoor concert and it rained.  A lot.

Torrential rain to be exact.

Here we are super optimistic that the clouds above us would just BLOW AWAY.

This is us just minutes before the concert was postponed . . .

It started pouring, so I sent David to get us some ponchos.

He came back with one.  THE VERY LAST ONE AVAILABLE.

He gave it to me  (Love that man!) and I stayed relatively dry while he got soaked.

Holy rain Batman!

The rain lifted a little bit (and by a little bit, I mean it was raining hard and not pouring) so the band came out to play in the rain!

It was an incredible show and the rain made it even more memorable!

Can’t wait to see them again!  (They’ll be in Wendover, Nevada in November . . . that’s not too far away for us!)

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