Hannah’s Turned FIVE!


I’m feeling 110% behind on life.  Not usually a great feeling to have, but that means I must be having too much fun to slow down, right?

I’m not sure how it happened, but that little peanut I delivered on Sint Maarten is no longer a little peanut!

Hannah turned five!  This milestone was met with a party that was entirely too much work to put together.  🙂  (I’m writing this now, so next year I won’t get any big ideas!)

We Put up two big party tents, invited 10 of her friends plus their little siblings, and their parents, and my oh my . . . hosting 30+ people can be a bit overwhelming when they range from 1-40 years old.

We had an “Aerial” themed party, complete with plenty of “princess” themed extras.  Lots of cake (complimentary of the bakery, I had to out source something this year!) food, and warm water for swimming!

The weather forecast was scattered thundershowers (lovey for a swimming party) so we put up another tent and her outdoor party quickly became an indoor tent party!  Good thing too, it rained!

Happy fifth birthday to our little Hannah Bear!  (Your passport just expired and I have no excuse to get you a new one.  BUMMER.)

2 thoughts on “Hannah’s Turned FIVE!”

  1. How can it be five years later. I remember waiting to get the call that you had returned to Saba and all was good to come meet that sweet little girl. How quickly time goes……………SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!

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