Golden Gate Park

When I was 16, I visited San Francisco with my best friend Tricia and her mom (and her mom’s friend).  Tricia’s mom, Leslie (who owns the Alpacas) flew us all out there for her 16th birthday.

Best birthday idea EVER!

I remember going to several tourist attractions, and one that I really wanted to see again was the Japanese Tea Gardens.

I hoped it would be all I remembered and more . . .

And it was!

The Japanese Tea Gardens are located at Golden Gate park (Which is like SF Central Park).  They were beautiful, quiet, and well manicured.

The only stressful part was keeping two excited kidlets QUIET.

How do you keep kids from running outside?  How do you keep them from using their outside voice when they are outside?

No idea?  Me neither.  We ended up walking like 29 miles over to another park the kids loved SO MUCH.  (Okay, it only felt like 29 miles because we didn’t have our rockin’ BOB stroller yet, and pushing a heavy stroller and kids up and down 45 degree hills makes every step feel like a mile!)

I have more to share from our time at Golden Gate Park!  Come back!  🙂

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