Happy Birthday D-Man!

Happy birthday to our little Dallin boy!  He turned three today!

In true Dallin style, we had a low key celebration.  He values quality over quantity, so if we invited any kids to his birthday party he would definitely say, “TOO MANY KIDS!”  He is sort of a family kid.  🙂

He had the time of his life at Kangaroo Zoo this morning with Hannah.  (It’s an indoor play place with lots of bounce toys and slides for little people.)

We had a Dallin size cake for his big day!  (Hey, a bigger cake would mean more for us to eat, and well, we don’t need that!)

Hannah coached him on how to blow out his candle and he was pretty impressed with his performance!

We bought Dallin a Lightning McQueen potty topper in hopes that he would think about going to the bathroom in the toilet.  He looks super happy about it here, but it was quickly tossed aside when he opened up a package of dinosaurs.  (Notice our Walmart shopping bag that doubled as wrapping paper?  Yeah.  We were super prepared this afternoon.)

He LOVES this dinosaur set I picked for $3.

He also got a bike that he refuses to push the petals on.

Kids.  Why are they so dang cute and unpredictable?


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