Golden Gate Bride and Other Radomness

Remember how we went to San Francisco several weeks ago?

Oh yeah.  That trip.  I never thought I’d get behind on editing pictures and posting on my blog but IT HAPPENED.


This is a random post of pics I took from our car.  (I know, such a great spot to photograph from.)

This is Dallin comfortably riding in style on our long trip.

A bridge in SF.  Can’t remember which one, but our kids thought SF was the greatest place ever with all the bridges, tunnels, and trains!

This is the Golden Gate Bridge!  You can walk across it!  We didn’t know that, but next time we’re there, we plan to do it!

SF from one of the bridges.

SF, and part of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There is so much to see and so much to do in this fabulous city and of course there wasn’t enough time.

We’re ready for another trip!


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