4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

We celebrated all weekend!  We kicked off the 4th by getting up at dark-thirty to watch David and our friends, Emily and Bill, run in Freedom Festival Run 10k!

This is David right before the race.  Thanks to our friend Emily and her MacGyver skills, David was able to wear his time chip attached to his ankle.  (You see, 99% of runners don’t have this problem because they attach the chip to their shoes.)

I’m sure David is in this picture somewhere . . . there are only 5000 runners to sift through . . .

The kidlets waiting for their parents to cross the finish line!

Check out The Barefoot MD!  He placed 111th overall, and 10th in his age division.  Not too bad among 5000 racers!

BUT . . . he placed FIRST in the barefoot division!  He wasn’t the only barefoot runner and he came in first!  (This is him picking up his award!)

We watched the parade after the race . . . it was super crowded.

We ended our day with a BBQ with several of our friends and we all had a great time until it was cut short when it started raining!  Back at home we (meaning David) lit some sparklers and the kids wanted nothing to do with them.

We have several packs of sparklers left.  🙂

Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July!  We love America!

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