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It is only the end of June and it is NOW FINALLY getting warm.  Warm meaning, in the 80’s!  Dang this has been a cold spring!  It hasn’t been warm enough to take my kids swimming yet this summer and it seems like the season is half way over!

The kids (meaning Hannah) have run through the sprinklers a few times.  (Dallin runs along the perimeter of the water only.)

Sometimes I wonder if I should change my rule about letting Hannah dress herself.  She gets to dress herself six days a week.  On Sunday, I get to choose her outfit.  I want her to learn how to make decisions and this seemed like a really good way to empower her to express herself and give her full control over parts of her life.

However, princess day is like everyday. People often address her with big smiles saying, “Hello Princess!”

I think she likes that.  Especially when we’re shopping and there are lots of people that take notice.  I love it when people ask me if its her birthday or something and I’m like, “Nope.  It’s Tuesday.”

Different day, different crown.  (Out to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe which tastes good but not exactly in the Barefoot M.D. diet.)

Hannah was THRILLED when we found her some small five finger shoes!  No, we didn’t buy them which sorely disappointed her, but we were impressed she could get them in!  Those little piggies an be a bugger to get in the right toe slots!

Paris has been loving all the lazy days outside.  It reminds her of her carefree days living in the Caribbean.  🙂

Dallin got a new ‘do.  He wasn’t happy about it, but now he matches his dad and it’s super low maintenance which means no bed head for at least four more weeks!

He has loved being able to play on the patio.  I have loved the moderate weather, so it’s been a win win situation for both of us.

A few weeks ago, we walked down to JCW’s to get a milkshake for our Family Night activity.  Normally we would drive there, but after google mapping it, we thought the 5 mile walk would be good for us.  Especially since we were going for milkshakes.  🙂  On our walk home (the kids had a lovely ride in their new stroller) Mout Timpanogos looked so beautiful with freshly white capped mountains.  I had to take a picture.

Hannah made some creative art out of her lunch.  I never would have thought of this!  Maybe 3-D art is going to be her thing!

Our church time is right during our kids nap time.  Hannah can survive a day here and there without a nap, but Dallin on the other hand can not.  Fortunately, he loves his sleep as much as I do, so he will take a nap out on the couch in the foyer.  What a doll.

We had a family reunion a few weeks ago and it was nice to get reacquainted with some of my cousins.  Several of them were very interested in what David had to say about barefoot running.  He had just run another 1/2 marathon that morning.  That makes three 1/2 marathons in the last few weeks and he has one more this weekend!  (Plus he rocked it at Ragnar!)

We visit Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point a few times as week and riding the horses is a highlight.

How was that for random post?

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