As of Late . . .

Oh my.  Where does the day go?  Maybe if I got up earlier than 8:30 I would have more day!  🙂  (But then that would mean that I would be going to bed earlier and there is WAAAY too much Jack Bauer to watch on Netflix at night!)

This post is super random.  Basically, here is bit of what we’ve been up to lately . .

First off, Hannah learned how to ride a bike!  She can start, stop, turn, you name it!  She is so proud of herself and we are impressed!  She turns five next month . . . maybe she’ll get a bigger bike for her birthday.  🙂

Dallin has been sporting Hannah’s pink and purple tricycle.  It certainly didn’t phase him that his manhood might be threatened by this.

David was not super excited about his son riding around on a pink and purple tricycle, so we got him a new one.  (And by “new” I mean we found a gently used one for $10.)

He loves it.

In fact, he doesn’t know how he ever lived without it!

Hannah wants to practice riding her bike ALL DAY LONG.  The good news is that she is pretty dang good now.  She tells everyone within earshot (the mail man, the UPS driver, the random kids riding their bikes past her) that she can ride a two wheeler and is happy to demonstrate her mad skills.  Pretty soon she’ll be able to ride her bike along side David when he goes for his six mile runs!  (Okay, that might be a while.)

A couple months ago, we bought a family pass to Thanksgiving Point.  Do you know what that means?  No more bored people at our house!  I honestly do not know how we lived without one!  We visit Thanksgiving Point about five times a week.  Sometimes I take the kids twice a day!  (First thing in the morning, then again after naps!)  The picture above is at the Children’s Discovery Garden.  They LOVE that place.

The Dinosaur Museum is also a favorite with my kids.  Dallin asks everyday if we can go to the “Dinosaur See-‘Em”  You know, ’cause you go see-em at the Dinosaur museum.  🙂

This is at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  We rented a golf cart and took my mom with us one day and cruised around the gardens.  It was a great way to show my mom the gardens and now the kids ask me to rent one every time we go.  Too bad kids, that’s what your cute little legs are for!  Running!

On Monday nights, they have Family Night activities at Thanksgiving Point, so we’ve had some fun times.  One night the kids learned how to swat each other with foam swords.  That was exciting.

Okay, so I feel like I’m not completely behind on my blog now!

More to come tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “As of Late . . .”

  1. Im jealous of your thanksgiving point excursions! We bought a pass this year ( did so last year too) however its now June and we havent gone ONCE! Crazy…however Tristan does go with Grandma at least once a week to the museum…so I guess as long as ONE of us goes…

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