Malaya’s Birthday!

Hannah’s cousin Malaya turned five!

Okay, so it was like two months ago, but hey, better late than never, right?

She specifically requested a Barbie cake which my sister-in-law Diane (her aunt) put together.

Hannah has such a great time, she didn’t notice how freezing cold it was, or that she lost an earring until much later.

We are still looking for the lost earring.  So sad.  In the mean time, Malaya has decided she is brave enough to get her ears pierced, so David will be piercing them soon.  🙂

This is Hayley, Malaya’s three year old sister.  (Remember her party?)  She is hilarious and really happy, but sometimes she get’s a little attitude.

Obviously, it’s hard to not have it be your birthday everyday when you are three.  It’s not her party but she’ll cry if she wants to!

On a more random note, I photographed their family a few days ago and the pictures turned out so adorable.  You can find them on my Salt Lake Photography photo blog!

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