And . . . We’re Back! (Okay, so we’ve been back for a few days now)

I don’t even know where to start . . .

San Francisco.  Check.

Disneyland again?  You betcha!

Beach?  Yes, and it was COLD!

Art Show?  Check.  It was AWESOME.

Drive through the beautiful wine country?  Check. (It was a drive only . . . vineyards are beautiful!)

BART with kids?  Check.

Golden Gate Park?  Check.

Japanese Tea Gardens?  Check.

Lombard Street?  Yep.

China Town?  Uh Huh.

Ballet dance recital?  Check.

Drive on PCH?  Check.

Thanksgiving Point 23 times in two weeks?  CHECK.

Friends, I have lots to share!   Did you miss me?  I missed you!  (Mary!  Thanks for noticing my absence!)

Here is Hannah a few weeks ago the night of her dance recital:

She LOVES that she gets to wear make up.  LOVES IT.  I dare say, getting to wear make up is just as exciting as performing!

Okay friends, be prepared for picture and story overload this week because it’s coming . . .  🙂


2 thoughts on “And . . . We’re Back! (Okay, so we’ve been back for a few days now)”

  1. Just yesterday I checked my reader and wondered where you have been. I’m glad you’ve been away for lots of good reasons. I look forward to all your photos and updates.

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