Running Faster Than I Have Strength


Holy whirl wind of a week!

I can honestly say, I have been running faster than I have strength.  Theoretically that is.  Well, I sort of do that literally as well.  (Let’s not talk about the upcoming Ragnar Relay race I’m doing next month, Okay?)

I’ve had an exceptionally busy week (I had 10 shoots in four days) photographing so many lovely people.  I’ve attended two weddings, (I cried at both of them, even though I was working!) taken Hannnah to ballet EVERY SINGLE DAY LAST WEEK in preparation for her performance over the weekend, and did I mention it is finals week for me?

Oh yes.  FINALS.

I really do try to keep my life in balance, but these last two weeks it have been totally out of whack.

I just need to get through this week . . . I just need to get through this week!

In my rush to fit everything in this week, I FRIED one of my Speedotron strobes and possibly ruined part of my power box during a night shoot this week.  No, I will not think about that.  I will not think about how much that careless mistake cost me . . . no, no I won’t!

On a happy note, I shot the most BEAUTIFUL bridal session last week (and their wedding over the weekend!) and I really must share just a few images with you.

This is Kari Ann and Jared.  They are really good at being in love and staring at each other.  🙂  I have more from their session (and many other sessions) bigger and better on my photo blog, so check it out!  The small scale of these images do not do them justice!

When my life calms down a bit in a few days (and after I catch up with emails, and clients, etc) I will be back with so many fun pictures and stories to share!

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