Working Girl

This little sass-a-frass is going to be in a book!

I came across a casting call for a four year old little girl and I submitted this info on Hannah:

Age:  4 years
Height:  43 “
Skills:  Coloring, dancing, singing, and talking to anything that moves.

I think that last “skill” is what landed her the job.  What do you think?  I put together a comp card for Hannah a few months ago and I think it’s working.  🙂  I haven’t decided on an agency for her yet.  Really, I haven’t thought much about putting in her in an agency for a while.  I should look into that . . . anyway, I’ve been her agent so far, and so far so good.  She’s done one commercial, one book shoot (it’s for a book on crafts for kids), and I’ve been contacted to see if she would do another commercial in a couple of months.

Yes.  She works.  For money.  Not for free people.  I do not have time or interest in that.   We’re opening up a bank account just for her so she can endorse her checks and let her money sit and accumulate for years.

Maybe she’ll be able to pay for college by the time she goes!

Here is a shot of her right before her shoot:

She was sad they asked her to take her earrings out . . . she thought they were the highlight of her outfit!

She is a great listener, and takes direction well from anyone.  She loves to act, so when they told her to look surprised, she really pulled out her “surprise” face and it made everyone laugh.  The book comes out in October and I met the author at the shoot.  Sounds like a fun book and I’m sure we’ll be buying it to see Hannah and to make kid crafts!


5 thoughts on “Working Girl”

  1. The pic of her against the purple backdrop is so pretty. Whenever I see pics and hear about Hannah I always feel like I’m going to say one day “I knew her when……”

    I bet the photographers love her! She’s awesome.

  2. They provided the clothing, but I did her hair. She came with it curly, and they wanted to throw it up in a messy flip pony tail like she always looks totally put together, yet messy. 🙂 No make up (or earrings for the shoot!) but she looked adorable. She did have them laughing!

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