Woot! Woot!

One of my images made it into the Academy of Art’s Spring Show!


Every year, AAU puts on a huge Spring Show where their students can show off their best work.  Thousands of pieces are entered every year, and only about 150 pieces are selected.  You can only imagine my excitement when I found out this image was accepted!  Each image is submitted blindly so the industry professional who select which images to put in the show have no idea who shot the images they are looking at.  It’s always nice to hear your clients tell you they like your work, but I somehow felt validated as a photographer when I heard I made it into the Spring Show!  (Your clients and family like what you do, but does that mean you actually know what you are doing?)

I photographed this image in between semesters last summer.  I decided to add it to the documentary category at the last minute!  (You can only submit up to nine images total, three for fine art, three for commercial photography, and three for documentary.)

Now I’ve got to get it printed, matted, and sent off to San Francisco!

This show is attended in high numbers by industry professionals and the public alike.  It is great exposure for me (potential commercial clients will be there!) and I can now say I’ve had work in a gallery showing!

Did mention I saw an ad the other day for The Academy of Art’s Spring Show 2011 in Vogue Magazine?

Yes.  This art show is advertised in Vogue.  Hello!

We were planning on attending the show whether I got in or not, but now, this makes me more excited for our trip to San Francisco in a few weeks!

3 thoughts on “Woot! Woot!”

  1. Emily, I am so thrilled for you. This image rightly won. It’s lovely. And how fun that you get to go to San Francisco too.

  2. Congratulations!!! It has been fun watching your photography skills develop and become more diverse. Kira said next time we are in Utah she wants you to take our family picture.

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