Washington DC Here I Come!

Today I’m cashing in on my belated birthday present (remember how my birthday was in January?) and I’m flying out to visit my sister in Washington DC.

By myself.

No kids.  No husband.  No dog.

For the next seven days, I will be completely unfettered from most of my responsibilities.

The dishses?  Hannah can load the dishwasher.

Landry?  David is talented in many areas, this includes laundry.

Meals?  Everyone can fend for themselves.  Just like every other day I’m here.  🙂

Bedtime routine?  David is the only one Dallin will listen to when going to sleep, so really, they won’t even know I’m gone!

I’m very excited to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC, and I planned my trip so I could see them at their peak.  (A much better time of year than yucky, cold January!)  My sister, Jenn, and I have lots of talking, shopping, and sight seeing to do!  She and her family will move back to California this summer, so this is my last chance to see the Capital with her!

I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with all my free time . . . I won’t have any needs to worry about but my own!  This will be my first trip away from my kids (OK, last year we went to Wichita for two days, but that was only about 72 hours) and I’m going to miss them!  I used to travel extensively before we had kids, so leaving on a trip was old hat to me, but now, it’s been almost five years since I have traveled alone. Meaning, without a little person hanging on my leg.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel like I left something somewhere . . .

I will try to keep my blog updated with my adventures, but no promises.  My laptop crapped out last week (last week was a doosey . . . the kids got shots which was not really a pleasant experience for anyone, I went to my aunt’s funeral, and Hannah got the flu which including vomiting 725 times.  That was all by Wednesday!) but we ordered a new one just in time for me to take on this trip.  (Remember how I’m school at AAU and I take classes online?  It wasn’t really an option to be computer-less for a week!  Plus, let’s admit it, I WOULD DIE.  Hello?  Not having access to my personal computer while on vacation?  Please, pause for a moment while I GASP!)

I hope to show you all the beautiful Cherry Blossoms on Capital Hill, but here’s the thing . . . even though my new laptop has Photoshop on it, the color on my laptop has not been calibrated.  I just can’t see myself posting images from a program without a calibrated color profile.

See what school has done to me?

4 thoughts on “Washington DC Here I Come!”

  1. You crack me up! Enjoy! I traveled for the first time two weeks ago without the kids, and while it was work related it was odd at first but it didn’t take long to ENJOY…..

    I can’t wait to see the pics. Have fun! Let’s talk soon.

  2. I hope you have such a great time. I am so jealous, and I can’t wait to see all your photos.

  3. What a fun birthday present! Selfishly, I’m glad to because I’ll get to enjoy your gorgeous photos.

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