Hailey (The Giggler) Turned Three!

My niece, Hailey, (the giggler) just turned three!  To celebrate this special milestone, we brought a birthday party to her house!

She is such a doll.  I could squeeze and kiss her cheeks all day.  Seriously.

Little Hailey is ALWAYS smiling.

We had a princess themed party, and Hannah, Hailey, and Malaya (Hailey’s older sister) each got a “princess hairdo,” beautiful crowns that light up, (just press a button on the back!) and got to wear some makeup.  They were thrilled!  Dallin on the other hand . . . well, I think you can see how he feels about all this princess stuff!

How can I resist this face!  I could kiss his face off!

Hailey loved ALL of her presents.  I love this age.  They love EVERYTHING.

Look who got three big dollars!  Three dollars goes a long way to a three year old!

I love the expression on Malaya’s face here.   She is looking at her dad, who is filming her, and she has no idea I’ve just taken her picture.  It’s always fun to capture genuine expressions, especially on little people!

It’s not super obvious in this picture, but the crown has sparkling lights behind it.  It was a hit with the girls.  🙂

This is my youngest brother, Dan, and two of his three girls.

His kids are so adorable, and it’s fun that we live so close now!  He just moved back to Utah a few weeks ago.  Between us, we have five kids ages four and under, and our kids have lived in six states and two countries!  That’s a lot of moving on both of our parts!

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  1. These picture are SO sweet. What a darling little girl. And your Dallin. Oh my! He is CUTE!

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