Disneyland Day One

We kicked off our Disneyland experience by having breakfast with a few princesses at Aerial’s Grotto.  It was a hit for sure!  The food was great (a bit on the pricey side, but completely worth it!) and every princess came to our table to talk to us.  That saved us a lot of time in the park trying to track down each one to visit them.  We all loved it!  (Well, Dallin loved the food, he didn’t really care for the princesses.)

We saw Minnie Mouse shortly after breakfast and the kids knew she was the REAL DEAL.  Disneyland is so magical!

Dallin with his best friends: Mater and McQueen.

Dallin was a little nervous to see all the characters from “Monsters” up close and personal, so he gladly sat on David’s shoulders why he enjoyed them from afar.

There were so many fun street shows at California Adventure.  We can’t wait to go back!

We had to do it . . .

The official “tourist picture” in front of Mickey at the entrance of Disneyland.  🙂

The kids LOVED the train that circled Disneyland.  This train is used to transport  you from one part of the park to another, but hey, we rode it FOR FUN.  🙂

Ah, I love this sweet face.

Dancing in the street was a highlight for all of us . . .  The kids danced together . . .

Hannah shook her thing . . .

And Dallin did his thing.

Riding the carousel was a very exciting for the kids.

But I almost threw up.  You can only go around and around and around so many times before  you just can’t take it anymore!

We went to see Mickey at his club house.

The wait in line was just as fun as seeing Mickey!

Last up:  The Tea Cups.  Oh my.  I did not go on this ride.


But . . . the kids couldn’t WAIT To get on it!

They had a wonderful time and wanted to go again!

Stay tuned for Day two!

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