What’s on “My List” This Week

This week is spring break for me at AAU, which means I don’t have to think about one thing that requires me to actually think.

To kick off the week, I went to lunch with my sister, Ang, and we ate and mostly talked for five and a half hours.  That is what I call good food and fun!

I have NOTHING on my schedule for the next few days, and by “nothing” I mean I’m going to start reading this book written by my friend Melanie:

(You can pick up your own copy here or you can get the kindle version here.)

David and I just started watching the TV series, “24” and we are ADDICTED.  We are completely sleep deprived . . . we just cannot turn the show off!

Yes.  I admit it!  You cannot just watch one episode,  you have to watch 10 or more in a row because you CANNOT quit once you start watching!  We keep asking ourselves why we didn’t watch this show when it was on TV?!  What the heck?  How did we miss this golden nugget of entertainment?

Thank you NETFLIX for making it so convenient to stream our favorite shows!  And that’s another thing . . . we just found out you can watch TV shows on NETFLIX, not just movies that come in the mail.  Why are we just now learning these things?

Any other good secrets we should know about?

4 thoughts on “What’s on “My List” This Week”

  1. See, told you so!! Have you watched Prison Break? I liked that one. The first 2 (3 maybe, can’t remember) are pretty good. I’m sad 24 is over, it was one of my favs:(

  2. I TOTALLY saw this on the wall @ Covenant when I went in to record yesterday! Looked interesting – I would love to borrow it when you’re done (hint hint)

    As for TV – right now we’re (D & I) are hooked on Criminal Minds. We’re recording it and watching WAY too much!

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