Ice Castles in Midway

Have you been up to Midway to see the ENORMOUS ice castle?

You haven’t?   YOU MUST GO!

It sits right where Swiss Days is held and hopefully it melts before then!  🙂

The castle is about 40 feet tall (probably a little shorter since these pics were taken thanks to the warmer weather we’ve been having this week!) and is really quite a site!  David and I took the kids to go see it last week (after I wrapped up another food shoot for Inn On The Creek) and it was cool!

These castles are lit up at night with various colors so David and I are going back to see it!

Go!  Before they melt!

4 thoughts on “Ice Castles in Midway”

  1. Those are SO cool! Do they have them every year? I have never seen them and used to drive through Midway all the time when I worked in Park City. Your photographs are gorgeous!

  2. Cheryl, this is the first year! The guy who does them started experimenting at his house in Pleasant Grove, and then decided to really take off with them, so he approached some resorts and Zermatt Resort in Midway decided to sponsor the concept. It has received international attention. It is really cool!

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