This Week in Pictures

Last week I mentioned the train show we went to as family.

Oh.  My.  It was kid heaven.  Dallin thought he’d hit the little boy jackpot . . . everywhere he turned, there were more trains!

This one was very intricate and make out of Legos.

OK, moving on . . .

I drove past this ice castle in Midway on my way to a food shoot.  OH.  My.  HECK.  It was incredible.  Amazing really!  I can’t wait to take the kids there and take pictures!  It looks like freezing cold temperatures are good for something!  ICE CASTLES!

OK, moving on to my darling, hilarious kids . . .

My parenting skills have gone on auto pilot since Hannah learned how how navigate,, and  The motherly-older-sister in her guides Dallin online as they discover shapes, numbers, colors, and dinosaurs.

It’s pretty awesome really.  (I really should start paying her an allowance!)

Hannah takes her computer time so seriously, she asked us for her very own password to login.  A PASSWORD PEOPLE.

I was all, who in the heck is going to mess with your account?!  (She’s four!  Her account has software protection!)

Well, she is four and half and would like us to respect her request, so she is the proud owner of a password.   Need to log off, change users, shutdown the computer, or restart it?  Just ask Hannah, she can help you.  Want to find out what her password is?  Just ask her and she will give you a lecture on how you never ask what someone’s password is!  (Trust me, you never want a lecture from this kid!)  A few days ago I made Hannah take a “time out” from the computer and she acted like it was the WORST thing  that could ever happen to her.  EVER.

Then she asked me when she was going to get a REAL computer and she made sure I knew what a real computer was, “Mom, you know, like I need to get online and check and do my reading on Starfall, and I need to help Dallin with his letters.  So . . .I need a  REAL computer.  Mom, my pink computer that I got for Christmas last year is NOT real.  It just plays games and it is NOT real.  Mom!  Did you hear me?  I need a REAL computer!  Not a fake one!”

“OK, I think I got it, let me see, you want a REAL computer?”

Next up?  Self portraits.

Dallin really can’t stand waiting for his pictures on the LCD screen.  He thinks they should be there in real time, so as you can imagine, pictures are very frustrating to him.

But . . . we just figured out how to take self portraits on the iPhone where you can turn the camera around to see yourself before you snap the pic.

This is Dallin’s new favorite feature.  I have 235 more pictures just like this one.  🙂

This is Hannah’s ballet class through the looking glass.  (She is in the very middle with the pony tail.)

Looks like all that stretching is working!

Lastly, I straightened my hair over the weekend.  I only do it like every five years, so as you can imagine, my kids were speechless when they saw me.  Seriously, SPEECHLESS.  They both wanted to touch it.  I sort of felt like a blond haired woman in Tokyo.

They were intrigued with my straight hair, but after looking at this picture, I think all they could see was my forehead.  Dang!  I need some bangs!

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