Commercial Projects I’ve Been Working On . . .

School started this week, and at the beginning of every semester, I find myself trying to find the right balance being a mother, wife, student, and photographer all in the same day. ¬†ūüôā ¬†On top of the new semester, I’ve had three commercial clients just in the last few days! ¬†In general, commercial work is on a tight deadline, with pictures needing to be done A.S.A.P., so it is rush, rush, rush! ¬†While I can’t share everything yet, I can show a few samples of what I’ve been doing (since I obviously have been neglecting my blog for a few days!).

First, I shot this newborn session a few weeks ago and she was SO EASY.  The entire session lasted about 30 minutes which is really unheard of for newborn sessions. To see the full session, check out my Salt Lake Photography photo blog.

I am really excited to share this shoe with you . . .

This shoe is from Stem Footwear and it will be available in August.  It is a minimalist running shoe with a wide toe box, and zero arch support.  It is extremely light weight at 6.3 oz, and very flexible.

See? ¬†FLEXIBLE! ¬†(I’d like to see you bend this way!) ¬†I will post more from this shoot on my photo blog in the next couple of days. ¬†If you check out Stem Footwear’s site, you will see more images from the shoot and more styles.

On Tuesday, I was in Midway at an all day food shoot for Inn on the Creek Foods.

Yes.  Food.  YUM.

These pre-packaged soups and meals are available at Costco and Walmart ALL OVER THE USA!  (Once, when I was in Texas, I bought this brand at my local Walmart, so this is pretty exciting for me!)

So, my friendly blog friends, you just might be picking up a package of this lovely salad at your local Costco in a few months! ¬†I’ll be sure to photograph the actual product on the shelf when it hits stores!

This was my first commercial job shooting food and I learned several things which I will post on my photo blog soon. ¬†First thing I learned? ¬†You go home VERY full after a food shoot! You taste everything (the chef will insist!) and you come home smelling like food. ¬†ūüôā

Oh . . . I have one more product shoot I can’t wait to share with you . . . but gosh dang it, it is still in the confidential stage, so I can’t show you anything yet. ¬†This product will also be available at Costco ¬†. . . Looks like I should renew my membership there!

On a very random note . . . Hannah auditioned to act in a commercial last month and I just found out she got the lead part! ¬†She will be starring in a potty training commercial that will air online and on TV! ¬†The commercial shoots next month, so I’ll be sure to post the commercial when it becomes available!

3 thoughts on “Commercial Projects I’ve Been Working On . . .”

  1. Well now that your all famous and stuff, remember us poor unfamous people!!! Congrats! So excited the fruit of your labor is paying off!!! Love it!

  2. So much exciting news! I love the newborn session–so soft and lovely. What a sleeping sweetie. Congrats on all your commercial work. It’s great. And that is so exciting about little Hannah too.

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