Happy Birthday To Me!

So . . .

I am one year older, and hopefully wiser too.  I just turned 33 this weekend.

THIRTY THREE, PEOPLE.  I used to joke about “thirty something” people who could shop at Eddie Bauer (and just for the record, I had to google “Eddie Bauer” because the 12 different ways I spelled it was not recognized by me or spell check) because you had to be thirty something to shop there.

Well folks, looks like I am officially thirty something, but I still cannot bring myself to shop there!

Hannah picked out the most beautiful cake she could find.  She LOVED this cake and David said there was no other cake that even came close to being as beautiful as this cake in Hannah’s opinion.

Brian called (for you new readers, that’s my twin) to wish me a happy birthday and we talked about our birthday plans over the phone.  They were so similar, it was erie . . .

Me: We went to a model train show at Thanksgiving point.

Him: Took a private plane ride around San Francisco.

Me: Spent the afternoon watching Modern Family with David while the kids napped

Him: Attended the Apple convention in SF.

Me: Ate dinner with David at Rubios (they now advertise their calories on the menu . . . it was eye opening and shocking all at once!) and saw the movie, “The Tourist.”

Him: Ate dinner at the Ritz Carlton with some friends and probably a few A-listers.


This is what he looks like now at the ripe age of 33:

And this is me and my family on my birthday:

I can’t get over how darling Dallin looks in the pic below . . .

And now he’d like to show you his orange . . .

And now Hannah would like to love him to pieces  . . .

Where’s David you ask?  He was running barefoot on the treadmill.  He popped out 8 miles like it was NOTHING.  Is now a good time to mention that he dropped 25 pounds recently?  Yeah.  I know what you’re thinking . . .WHERE DID HE HAVE 25 POUNDS TO LOSE?!

I know.  My thoughts exactly.  Somehow, his body found 25 pounds to drop and he is sporting a six pack and runs about 30 mile a week–barefoot of course.

David and the kids made my birthday very fun, low key, and special.  I have a wonderful family, and for that I am happy I get to celebrate 72 more birthdays!  (Remember that age calculator?  This is how I know I have 72 more to go!)

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. Happy birthday!

    And your brother should be the next Mormon bachelor. Or even the next regular Bachelor.

  2. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET EMILY!!!!
    Second of all, I WOULD LOVE to be turning 33 this year….cough cough….and ummmmm yeah I buy Eddie Bauer clothes here and there and have since I been in my twenties…..
    Third of all, I am so envious of David……25 lbs…….where’s the not fair button….ok i know i could start running barefoot too (???)
    Fourth of all, You HAVE the most adorable kids in the world…..
    Fifth of all, Your brother his hot and makes for nice eye candy for us old married women…..
    Sixth of all, HOPE YOU HAVE MANY MANY MORE BIRTHDAYS ……..you are very blessed, and I love you guys!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to my dear friend! I’ll be right there with you in May. Since when did we start heading into our middle 30s? I’m getting old!

  4. I hope you had a great day. 🙂
    I wish we could all just stop the clock…for about 30 years or so. LOL.

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