What to do When You are Stir Crazy in the Winter

Have I mentioned HOW LONG the cold season is in Utah? It’s like eight months long.

If you ever find yourself trapped indoors for more than a few days at a time, you start to get creative out of desperation, not because you are inspired. 🙂

My kids get in their bathing suits and jump off the couches into a pile of blankets and they think they are swimming.

They draw, run intervals all over the house, and probably watch too many movies and TV shows.

Hannah likes to “play” the violin, so she makes one out of markers, sets up her music, and we turn on some classical music for her to “play.” Honestly, she could do this for hours and by the looks of it, she really gets into it. 🙂

Dallin likes to do anything Hannah wants to do, so they make great playmates. (Especially since he LOVES to watch Tinkerbell more than Hannah does!)

He doesn’t like to sit still for pictures AT ALL. He wants to see his face on the LCD screen before you even snap the shot which is sort of impossible and leads to great disappointment like this:

This kid never says “what” either. It’s always, “WHY?!” When you call out his name, “Dallin!” he will instantly reply with “WHY?!” I swear that is kid is up to something and he knows it! 🙂 The best is when you ask him something, like, ‘Come here Dallin!” and he replies, “Nevermind!” and runs the other way. It’s awesome.

On a random note, I took the kids to McDonald’s the other day so they could play in the play center, and Hannah befriended a little three year old girl. I overheard parts of their conversation and couldn’t help but smile. Hannah told her she was five years old, and that she already goes to kindergarten. Hannah then told the little girl, “You have such a cute little voice!”

Oh. My. She is four going on 24.

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