Funny Internet Finds

David came across a “life expectancy calculator” online this weekend.  He answered all the questions and guess what?  His life expectancy is 97 years old.

I was super impressed.  🙂

I was curious what my life expectancy would be after learning of his long, long, life, so I filled out all the questions as well.

Guess what my life expectancy is?

105 years old.


105 years!  I seriously don’t know how it’s possible that I am projected to outlive David . . . he’s the one who runs a 10k every night on the treadmill!  I’m super pleased with the two miles I run every other day!  (I know you are all curious now too . . . go check out your life expectancy here!)

David also found this funny video of Saba from 1937 . . . seriously, this island we once called home has changed A LOT in the last 70 years!  You must watch it, especially if you are a current or former Saban.  It is hilarious and it’s not meant to be funny!

Oh, how I love a good chuckle.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Funny Internet Finds”

  1. I will be 98 but I wasn’t able to answer blood pressure and cholesterole questions at all! 🙂

    My actualy goas is more like 86!!

  2. Oh the Saba video! Awesome.

    I loved “Why be in a hurry? No one is going any place anyway.”

    It is amazing how little has changed.

  3. that was a good find. I loved watching that. I especially loved that part where it said it never rained.

  4. Andrea that was funny! When I heard that I thought, “WHAT THE HECK?!” On David’s b-day one year, it rained at least 17 inches . . . our cistern was over flowing and waster was running down the road like a rushing river! WHATEVER! IT TOTALLY RAINS THERE! 🙂

  5. I loved the video. We watched it with the kids and they said, ‘Hey we know that church.’ It was funny to see how many things really weren’t that different. It made me long for the sand and sun even more.

    btw – My age – 87 – I wasn’t really expecting that but I only want to be that old if I have a quality of life.

  6. Mermaids on the beach… Men must be attractive and successful… No ice? And I’m so glad the men’s pipe & tobacco are waiting for them!

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