Schooled by My Four Year Old

After every studio shoot, Hannah requests that I take her picture.  It doesn’t matter how late it is, how sick she is, what she is wearing, or how messy her hair is . . .

A few days ago after a bridal shoot, Hannah grabbed this dress from her wardrobe and added a white cardigan to make it “mostly white” so she could also be photographed in a “wedding dress.”  She then copied the bride’s poses, like she always does after everybody’s shoot.

She is such a sass and entirely too observant for her own good (or maybe for my own good).  The other night I was putting her to bed and while she was picking out book for me to read to her, I put a little piece of candy cane in my mouth.

I knew it was a mistake as soon as that hard candy hit my mouth, but what was I to do?  Spit out a perfectly good piece of candy?  No!  Obviously not!

I concealed the mysterious small piece of candy quite well up until I sang Hannah her good night song and gave her a kiss on the check.

Bad move.

Instantly, she sat up and said, “MOMMY!  What is that smell?  It smells good . . .”  Her eyes were wide and searching around the dimly lit room.   For a moment, I thought about denying the smell, acting oblivious and confused, but decided to take the honest route.

“Honey, I’m eating a piece of candy cane.”

“Let me see mommy.  Open your mouth.  Is is it blue?”

WHAT THE HECK?!  Is this child clairvoyant or just keeping major tabs on me?  She then looked at me with her big brown eyes and with a stern voice said, “MOMMY!  Are you eating the candy cane Rosie gave me!?”

OK, honestly, I was caught RED HANDED.  Roles completely reversed, I realized I had behaved like a child, eating a piece of her candy without permission and she was ready to lay down the LAW.

This child can give lectures like a pro, so you never, never, ever want her to give you a lecture.

But . . . there I was, ready for the lecture of a lifetime . . .


Being reprimanded by my daughter is not on the top of my favorite list, so as I began to apologize, she stopped me.  She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and and started counting, “One, two, three, four, five, six . . .” until she reached ten (something she learned from Fairy Mary on Tinkerbell) and then she said, “OK, I’m calm now.  It’s OK.  I forgive you.  Mommy, all you had to do was ask and I would have given it to you.”

And with that, I was schooled by my four year old.

That’ll teach me to never sneak her candy again and get caught!  🙂

This sassy little thing has been fighting a bad cold (isn’t everyone in Utah?) and last week I took her to the Doctor to get a Strep test done.  I took her to a clinic we don’t visit very often, so as I was half listening to her questions in the car (and trying to answering them), I was actively looking for the clinic.

You see, the problem with national chains, stores, and Insta-care Clinics is they ALL LOOK ALIKE.  That is obviously necessary for brand recognition nationwide, but very problematic for a gypsy like me.  Eventually, EVERY intersection looks the same, and EVERY national chain looks the same.  Just when you think the business you are looking for is on the next corner, you reach the corner and realize the intersection you envisioned belongs in Texas, or Kansas, or New York.  Then you feel like a lost idiot, with a child in the backseat, asking too many questions that require an IQ higher than 120.

When I failed at both finding our destination, and answering important four year old questions, Hannah asked me, “Are you lost mommy?” I told her I was just looking really hard for the Doctor’s office but couldn’t find it.

Brace yourself for this next part because this is the part of Hannah I wish I could bottle up and freeze FOREVER.   She said, “Mommy, did you get distracted because you were thinking about how much you love me?”

“Of course honey.  That is exactly why I can’t find the clinic.”

Oh my.  I want that kind of innocence.  That is 100% self esteem right there folks.  How can I preserve that forever?!

9 thoughts on “Schooled by My Four Year Old”

  1. She just cracks me up! I love coming here to read about the things she says! She is one smart little girl and truely beautiful!! You guys are so blessed to have this fun little spirit in your family! I would love to live in her head for a day just to know what she is thinking!
    Hope you guys have a great 2011!!!

  2. Emily, if you could PLEASE stop writing about how incredibly smart Hannah is that would be very much appreciated! You see, it just that when Abby comes home from school and tells me her favorite color is Magenta, I’d like to think, “my kid is so smart” but, I obviously CAN’T when I hear stories like these!!!! Freak! “magenta” is probably like so 2 years ago for Hannah!

    Oh well, I guess I should be grateful that my 4 year old can’t out smart me yet (see what I mean, is there even such thing as “out smart”!!)

  3. Boy do we miss her here in Kansas! What a smart little girl. How dare you, sorry I mean … HOW DARE YOU EAT HER CANDY!!!! five … four … three … two … one … DEEP BREATH … You will be forgiven by me when you bring your cute little family to Kansas for a visit!

  4. Cathy how I miss you! Come see us in UT! When we come to Kansas (whenever that is!) I will bring LOTS and LOTS of candy for everyone so there will be no need to forgive me! 🙂

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