My Head is Going to Explode

I really have no explanation for this . . .

But my head does need a break.  I just finished my finals for the semester at AAU, and really, I need a break.

I’m ready for some casual reading over the next few weeks between semesters.  Any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “My Head is Going to Explode”

  1. What the heck is that on your head? and Where did you get it?

    Beautiful as ever!!

    The Lady with the Dragon Tatoo. I haven’t read but I have heard it is really good.

  2. This reminds me of plastic surgery recovery or something. How did you ever manage to cover up all that hair? Who wrapped your head?


  3. I am wearing an ace bandage . . . I had to take ANOTHER self portrait for one of my classes this semester and I HATE taking self portraits! I decided to capture how I feel about self-portraits . . . like I have just come out of surgery!

    I will check out that book. I love free time! YAY!

  4. Rebecca, a quick bun, and a head wrap by David did the trick. You are spot on too . . . I saw a pic of a woman recovering from a face lift and I was all, “I’m going to photograph that!” 🙂

  5. Does US magazine count as a book?? I think so:). I’ve actually been reading The Hunger Games (I know, shocker). It’s pretty good.

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