Salt Flats

Last year, when we moved back to Utah from Kansas, I mentioned to David that one of the things on my bucket list was to visit the Salt Flats which are West of SLC.

They are amazing, and it’s a popular location for people to come look at tons, and tons of salt. 🙂

Because I am a Probst at heart (which by definition is synonymous with being a lover of “all things salt”) I knew I needed to see the world’s salt mecca.  🙂

It only took a mere three hours to drive to this spot out in the middle of nowhere, but it was a poppin’ place when we got there!

The kids loved all the open space to run, and run and run . . .

But they did not like it when they both fell down on the gritty sharp salt crystals which drew blood.

And I’m just going to point out the obvious . . . SALT and BLOOD are a bad mixture as evidenced by their uncontrollable cries.

I love this face SOOOO much.

This is not our car, but it was beautiful against the white salt and blue skies as it drove out on the salt.

This little bullet is actually a motorcycle.  You see, we happened to drive out the Salt Flats during the very time some people were trying to break the international land speed record for motorcycles.  This motorcycle is encapsulated in this bullet-like-thingy to make it more aerodynamic.  The world record for motorcycle speed is 367 MPH.  This motorcycle had to beat that speed by 1% to officially “break the record” so it had to get up to 371 MPH that day.

Bummer, it only made it to 366 MPH and we were all so disappointed.  I mean, we drove ALL THE WAY OUT THERE and it couldn’t even go 4 MPH faster to break the world record?!  🙂

Oh, and guess what else?  An air show was going on in Wendover as well!  Turns out we picked a good day to drive out to the Salt Flats!

David enjoyed a little run WITH shoes (as many of you know, he is a barefoot runner) protecting his feet from the sharp salt crystals.

After our nice little outing, we drove a few more miles (and by a few, I mean like five) to Wendover, Nevada for dinner.

It’s fun to discover Utah.  Maybe we’ll stay a while.

I’m bursting at the seams to do a photo session on the Salt Flats, any takers?

3 thoughts on “Salt Flats”

  1. The blue sky is gorgeous! Your poor kids. That would not be pleasant to fall on these.

    And I can’t wait to see what photo sessions you do here. My friend did her bridals here and they were stunning.

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