Labor Day Weekend? CHECK.

Labor Day weekend:

Swiss Days? Check.

Swimming at the Lindon pool for the last time this summer?  Check.

Attended the baptism of good friend’s daughter?  Check.

Girls night out with my sister-in-law Angie?  Check.

Family get together?  Check.

School at AAU started?  Check.

Ate LOTS and LOTS of Hi-Chew?  CHECK!

Photo session with my favorite little girl?  CHECK!  CHECK!

(More from this shoot coming up!)

5 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend? CHECK.”

  1. Wow. She is beautiful.

    And I know you love black and white but I adored, adored, loved, loved this picture in color. The lighting is wonderful and the colors gorgeous!!

    I hope things are a little better there. I hope to email back this weekend.


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