The Greatest Candy in the Whole Wide World, FOUND!

Hannah and I were out for a little “mommy and me” time when lunch crept up on us and before we knew it, I was ready to inhale a couch and Hannah could have scarfed down a love seat.

Being the perfect mother that I am, I drove to the nearest gas station/grocery store I could find.

It happened to be a Walgreens and Hannah asked to eat Starbursts for lunch.  Heck, she could eat 12 packs of Starbursts for all I cared!  We needed food and FAST.

As I quickly surveyed the unfamiliar store, I noticed some starburst-like candy by the register.

Perfect I thought.  We’ll take 290 packs.

And then . . .

I shrieked!


HI-CHEW my friends!  Have you not read my post about HI-CHEW, the greatest candy in the whole wide world?  (Please, read here!)

I must be doing something right for the universe to plant such wonderful candy at my fingertips in the USA of all places.

Seriously people, you have never tasted a party in your mouth until you try this candy.

We bought LOTS of packs.  We needed them!  I believe in a healthy lunch just as much as the next mom, so I was sure to get a variety of fruit flavors so Hannah could have lots of fruit in her lunch.  🙂

David was as equally excited as I was with this gold mine of a find.

The big question is this . . . now that I don’t have to buy 100 pounds of this candy (clearing out every store I can) when I go to Asia, what am I going to buy to put in it’s place?

Honestly, I was telling Hannah about this great candy and how I would bring some back from China in a few months, and now . . .well . . . should I save the luggage space and just visit my local Walgreen’s store on the way home from the airport?

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Candy in the Whole Wide World, FOUND!”

  1. Oh, Emily!
    My sister in law loves these and always has a whole box in her room. If I knew you were looking for them, I would have told you a long time ago that they were right in town. I think she gets them at gas stations around here – 7-11, I’m pretty sure. They are good, I agree. But, it can’t be the best in the world if it’s not chocolate, in my opinion!

    Hope you are doing well. I think of you often…

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